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Seven Critical Clues in Search for Missing Nicola Bulley: Expert Detectives Weigh In

Seven Critical Clues in Search for Missing Nicola Bulley: Expert Detectives Weigh In

According to two former top detectives, the search for Nicola Bulley must center on seven crucial clues.

The 45-year-old mother disappeared on January 27 after dropping her children off at school in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

But fifteen days after Nicola vanished, as the police search extends into the Irish Sea, there has been no sign of the mortgage advisor.

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former detective who exposed Jimmy Savile, and Mick Neville, a former Scotland Yard veteran, analyzed a case that has rocked Britain.

They believe that clues range from the mother-of-Fitbit two’s to possible sexual offenders in the area.

The danger associated with specific searches on River Wyre

Mr. Neville, a former head of Lambeth’s Missing Persons Unit, told MailOnline that it was “strange” that investigators focused on a specific section of the River Wyre near St. Michael’s on Wyre.

“I would have placed an object of her weight and size in the river to estimate her distance,” he suggested, adding that Nicola could be “four miles away” at this point.

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Although he agreed with the police that Nicola ended up in the river, he emphasized that the search should have been expanded sooner to prevent a body from reaching the ocean.

Peter Faulding, who assisted in leading the search for the mother near where she vanished, stated that it was “virtually impossible” that she was taken to sea.

The enclosure of the bench

Both former detectives criticized the police’s slow response to secure the crime scene, suggesting that it should have been treated as murder or kidnapping.

Within 48 hours, according to Mr. Williams-Thomas, he would have cordoned off the area near the bench where Nicola’s phone and dog harness were discovered.

The location has remained accessible to the public and attracted ghosts, some of whom have been spotted filming themselves on the infamous bench.

Mr. Neville added, “There may have been something forensically significant there.”

Dog, phone, harness

Seven Critical Clues in Search for Missing Nicola Bulley: Expert Detectives Weigh In. Mr. Neville stated that the discovery of these three items on the infamous bench makes him believe that “something is very wrong.”

He suggests that Willow, the brown spaniel accompanying Nicola on the walk before her disappearance, may have “knocked her in the river” while running around off-leash.

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The former detective stated that the absence of “foot slip marks” or disturbed ground on the riverbank does not rule out the possibility that she fell in.

Eventually, a walker discovered the mutt wandering around dry near the bench.


Mr. Neville suggested that Nicola’s Fitbit, worn on the day she vanished, “will show her heartbeat” and that data could reveal if it ceased or changed.

If configured in a specific manner, the waterproof fitness device could have synced vital data with her phone, which was discovered on the bench after she vanished.

It is currently unknown whether the police were able to access the information stored on Nicola’s wrist device.

The third party

Every person captured on CCTV at the time of Nicola’s disappearance has been located, but this does not rule out the possibility that they were seen.

“Police will also investigate registered sexual offenders who are in or near the area,” Mr. Neville explained.

This crucial investigation could help law enforcement construct a complete picture, allowing them to rule out and investigate potential third parties.

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The police have ruled out the involvement of third parties and criminals, but they maintain an “open mind” regarding Nicola’s disappearance.

Other routes

Mr. Neville stated that, despite agreeing on balance with the police theory that Nicola fell into the river, it should not be ruled out that Nicola left the field she vanished from via a path.

Two of the three paths leading to the River Wyre are monitored by surveillance cameras.

The ex-cop suggests, however, that the mother-of-two may have “scrambled” in an “unconventional” manner to captivate the crowd.

“Has anything occurred there, or could any evidence have been overlooked?” he added.

Further to this

Mark Williams-Thomas told MailOnline that it could be “sad” if the police give the impression they know more than the family, contrary to what they claim in their appeals.

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He explained, “I have investigated enough murders and disappearances to believe there is more to this case.”

Something quite depressing.

Despite this, he emphasized that he never liked to give the police “over-credit” for knowing more than the general public.

However, he insists that he would have classified Nicola’s case as “murder or abduction” within 48 hours.