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HomeNewsNicola Bulley's Friend Speculates on Two Possible Reasons for Disappearance

Nicola Bulley’s Friend Speculates on Two Possible Reasons for Disappearance

Nicola Bulley’s Friend Speculates on Two Possible Reasons for Disappearance

Nicola Bulley, 45, dropped her daughters off at school on January 27 in the small village of St Michaels on Wyre, Lancashire; she was last seen shortly thereafter.

A friend of mortgage consultant Nicola Bulley insists there are only two reasons for her disappearance.

The 45-year-old mother of two had dropped off her daughters at school on January 27 in the small village of St Michaels on Wyre, Lancashire.

She disappeared while walking Willow near the River Wyre. Her phone was discovered on a riverbank bench.

The search for Nicola has expanded from the river to the Irish Sea after two weeks, but her family and friends are no closer to finding her.

According to one friend, there are only two possible explanations for what happened to Nicola.

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The mother, who was holding a poster of Nicola’s face while standing on the side of the road, told MailOnline: “A mother standing in a light rainstorm on Garstang Road stated, “I know Nicola, and the only two possibilities are that she was abducted or fell into the river, as the police believe.”

“There is no way that Nicola would have left her daughters behind and traveled alone. No one is currently aware, which is why we are here to educate the public.”

Earlier today, friends of Nicola were seen holding a vigil in the village where she was last seen.

Her family and friends are desperate for answers, refusing to give up hope of bringing Nicola home to her daughters and partner Paul Ansell.

They hope it will help someone remember what occurred on January 27.

Emma stated that a campaign highlighting Nicola’s disappearance two weeks ago will attempt to “jog” people’s memories about the day she vanished.

She stated on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, “Today marks two weeks.

“The local community is mobilizing to raise awareness; we’re attempting to jog anyone’s memory. Dashcam footage of Garstang Road, just outside the village of St. Michael’s on Wyre, near the bridge.

“It is a significant part of the village, so people will remember crossing it.

“Did they witness something? We are distributing banners, placards, and an eight-foot LED sign with Nikki’s face and the message “Bring Nikki home”

“All we need is for Nikki to return home to her two beautiful little girls who need their mother.”

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She added: “It’s a rollercoaster, it’s almost like torture – the desperation, the incomprehensible frustration in the sense that everyone has collaborated and worked so hard: the police, the community, and the people on the ground.

“When you work hard, you expect to be rewarded, so we need something, anything, a piece of information that can lead us down a different line of inquiry.”

Police have conducted a thorough search of the area and have stated that their “main working hypothesis” is that she fell into a river; however, nobody has been located.

On the day Nicola went missing, a concerned resident reported seeing a suspicious-looking vehicle, believed to be a Renault, parked outside a barn in St.

A second witness has provided an identical description of a red van.

Detectives are currently investigating the two-hour gap between the mother’s disappearance and the initial call to report her missing.

Nicola was last seen around 9:10 a.m., and the police were not contacted until 11 a.m.

Lancashire Police have stated that they are investigating the possibility that Nicola fell into the river, but specialists have searched a mile-long stretch of the River Wyre without success.

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Peter Faulding, the head of Specialist Group International, stated that he is “one hundred percent” certain that Nicola is not in the stretch of river initially suspected, and that his job is complete.

Police have been forced to warn the public against taking the law into their own hands during the search, and it is believed that a group was issued a dispersal order last night.

Yesterday, the search was relocated to Morecambe Bay after the sighting of two boats carrying specialized teams in the water.

At least three CCTV blind spots exist in the area where Nicola was last seen, suggesting that she may have left the area.

One location is a path not monitored by security cameras. It leads to Garstang Road, which traverses the community.

The police are attempting to obtain dashcam footage from approximately 700 vehicles that passed along the village’s main road at the time Nicola disappeared.

A riverside path leading from the Wyreside Farm Caravan Park to the A586 is another possible blind spot.

It is believed that the house’s camera was not operational at the time, but it does not cover the exit.

Friends of Nicola have also claimed that the CCTV covering one of the two river exits near the Rowanwater mobile home park is not operational.

Anyone with information that could aid our investigation should contact Lancashire Police at 101 and reference log 0565 for the 30th of January. For urgent sightings, please dial 999.