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HomeNewsOffensive Voicemail Sent to Local Councillor in 'Mystery' Calls

Offensive Voicemail Sent to Local Councillor in ‘Mystery’ Calls

Offensive Voicemail Sent to Local Councillor in ‘Mystery’ Calls

As the search for the mother continues, members of the Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council have received mysterious calls about Nicola Bulley, and one has received an “offensive” voicemail.

The Mirror has learned that a local councilor who lives close to where police are searching for Nicola Bulley received an “offensive” voicemail about the missing mother late at night.

Police search a caravan site near to where Nicola was last seen

It was reported that five of the six members of the Inskip with Sowerby Parish Council in Lancashire received nuisance phone calls, though all one rang off as soon as they answered.

Mum-of-two Nicola, 45, disappeared on January 27 while walking her dog in St. Michaels on Wyre, just a few miles from her residence in Inskip.

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The search continues, with police combing the Wyre River down to Morecambe Bay; they were at Wyreside Farm Caravan Park today.

According to a source close to the council, the flurry of “mysterious phone calls” occurred between 12:45 and 3 a.m. Saturday.

Nicola’s phone was found on this bench

The insider referred to the voicemail and stated, “The police have a copy of that call.”

They added, describing the message’s content, “Offensive, I wouldn’t say it was abusive, but it was offensive.”

They stated that the caller did mention Nicola, but refused to specify what was said.

“I believe the police have identified the perpetrator,” they continued, calling them “some lunatic.”

When asked if the council member who received the phone call was shaken, they responded, “No, we’re not weak.”

As a result, all members’ phone numbers have been removed from the council’s website.

Monday’s statement from Wyre Borough Council indicated that contact information for parish and town council members had also been removed from its website.

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“Everyone is deeply saddened by the ongoing Nicola Bulley case, and our thoughts are with her family,” said Wyre Council Chief Executive Garry Payne.

“We are assisting Lancashire Police as needed, and we urge everyone to remain respectful during this time.”

Wyre Council Leader Michael Vincent stated, “We recognize the emotional gravity of the situation.” However, we will not tolerate any form of abuse against our elected officials, town, and parish councils within our borders, or our staff.

“The community has demonstrated tremendous strength and resiliency throughout the investigation, and we encourage everyone to continue to demonstrate compassion and empathy.

“Unfortunately, we had to take this step during such a difficult time, but the necessary steps are being taken to ensure that residents can still contact their elected officials.”

Wyre Council has stated that it will record and forward any reports of abuse to the police.

When asked about the matter, a Lancashire Police spokesperson stated, “We are aware and investigating.”