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HomeNewsNicola Bulley: Search Expert Finds Burial Sites, Police Make Critical Error

Nicola Bulley: Search Expert Finds Burial Sites, Police Make Critical Error

Nicola Bulley: Search Expert Finds Burial Sites, Police Make Critical Error

Nicola Bulley: Search Expert Finds Burial Sites, Police Make Critical Error. Diver Peter Faulding, who last week led a private underwater search team assisting in the search for missing mother Nicola Bulley, has stated that potential deposition sites “need to be searched.”

A forensics expert has revealed that he will search “deposition sites” near the river where Nicola Bulley disappeared.

Peter Faulding led a private underwater search team when he joined the search for the mother of two last week, but he left the village after three days of scouring miles of river.

Previously, the diver stated that his team’s sonar could locate Nicola in less than an hour if she is in the river; however, he expressed skepticism that she fell in.

He has reportedly spoken with Ms. Bulley’s family about “deposition sites” – a term referring to a burial site – and has begun his own “low-key” search.

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Mr. Faulding revealed to the Express: “I am speaking with the family and have extensive experience locating buried bodies. There has been a report of suspicious individuals loitering, so we need to consider all possibilities.

“I was straightforward with Paul and Heather the other day because we need to consider potential deposition sites and we don’t know where they are. I am not denying that the police are doing this, but I do not wish to interfere with their operation.

“My (investigation) will be low-key; I’ll merely look for potential deposition sites.”

Police continue to trawl the River Wyre as it empties into Morecambe Bay, working under the assumption that Ms. Bulley may have fallen in.

Mr. Faulding disclosed to the Daily Mail: “I believe the worst mistake the police made was announcing early on that she was in the river, rather than saying “let’s maintain open lines of inquiry.” This woman was physically fit and familiar with the area; if she had fallen, she could have clung to the bank.”

Ms. Bulley disappeared on January 27 while walking Willow, her springer spaniel, in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, shortly after dropping off her six- and nine-year-old daughters at school.

Friends and family of the mother demonstrated yesterday that she has not been forgotten by affixing yellow ribbons with handwritten messages to a bridge close to where she vanished.

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On a footbridge over the River Wyre, ribbons bearing messages such as “We need you home, Nicola,” “Praying for your safe return,” and “I love you” have been tied.

Additionally, a large poster featuring a photograph of Ms. Bulley has been affixed to the railings.

It comes as the search for Ms. Bulley, a 45-year-old mortgage consultant from Inskip, enters its eighteenth day.

The police search has thus far been assisted by specialists and divers from HM Coastguard, mountain rescue, and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, as well as by sniffer dogs, drones, and police helicopters.

Paul Ansell, Ms. Bulley’s partner, wants to keep “all options open” regarding her disappearance, but his “gut instinct,” tells him she is not in the river.

He described Ms. Bulley as “fun,” “loving,” “the most loyal friend you could ever have,” and a “remarkable mother” who “absolutely adores our daughters.”