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New Developments in Nicola Bulley Missing Person Case: Suspicious Men & New CCTV Evidence

New Developments in Nicola Bulley Missing Person Case: Suspicious Men & New CCTV Evidence

A WITNESS told police that he observed two men acting suspiciously near Nicola Bulley’s dog-walking route the day before she vanished.

The footage was taken from a garage in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancs, 24 hours before the last sighting of the mother.

A witness identified the suspects after spotting them outside of the local church.

Significantly, the same individual told police that he saw one of the men in the vicinity of her usual route on the morning she disappeared.

New CCTV footage from a garage covering the 24 hours before Nicola was last seen has also been provided to law enforcement.

The 45-year-old mother of two went missing more than two weeks ago while walking her dog Willow in St. Michael’s.

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Thursday of last week, detectives visited St. Michael’s Garage to request CCTV footage from the day before she vanished.

They had already captured images from the day she vanished.

A garage employee who requested anonymity stated, “Two well-dressed officers, a man, and a woman, followed the suspect into the garage.

“They requested surveillance footage from the day before Nicola’s disappearance, as well as statements regarding any activity observed on that day.

These officers appeared more assertive than their uniformed counterparts.

The employee stated regarding the church sighting, “I know who the witness is, and he has already reported what he saw to the police.

“But he said he wanted to make sure they were following up on this, so I questioned the officers and they said they were.”

The employee stated that the witness, who does not wish for his account to be made public, described seeing the men acting suspiciously on January 26 near the church and around the nearby bridge.

He described how the witness claimed to have seen one the following day near the bridge, which marks the beginning of Nicola’s almost daily route.

The employee added, “He witnessed what he witnessed and wanted to ensure that the police followed up on it.”

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“I do not know if their collection of CCTV footage from the same day is related.”

Lancashire Police had already combed the area for camera footage and dashcam video from January 27, Nicola’s date of disappearance, when she was last seen.

As the search for Nicola enters its seventeenth day, officers are expanding their search as part of their ongoing investigations.

The surveillance system at St. Michael’s Garage, located on the main road in the village, monitors one of the key exits from the fields where Nicola disappeared.

The garage employee confirmed that the security cameras are operational before retrieving vehicles traveling along the main road.

A camera also monitors the top of a rural lane near the location where Nicola was last seen.

The church where the two men were spotted is very close to the riverside footpath that Nicola frequently uses.

The request for additional footage suggests that police are becoming more receptive to the possibility that the mortgage consultant was abducted, as opposed to their “main working hypothesis” that she fell into the River Wyre in a “tragic accident.”

It comes after Nicola’s 44-year-old boyfriend, Paul Ansell, expressed his concerns that a local is concealing what happened to her.

He stated that he is “100% convinced” that his 12-year partner did not fall into the river.

After dropping off her two daughters at school, Nicola vanished.

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At 9:10 a.m., she was last seen in a field along the Wyre. After twenty-five minutes, her phone was discovered on a bench by the river, and her dog was running free with its harness on the ground.

The police believe Nicola may have fallen into the river by accident and been swept out to sea, but they are open to all lines of inquiry.

Yesterday, a police helicopter was seen landing multiple times upstream near Garstang, while search teams were seen examining the river near the Irish Sea.

Paul told Dan Walker of 5 News in a revealing interview on Friday that he believes Nicola’s phone was left behind as a “decoy.”

He asserted that a local harbors a dark secret and demanded that village searches be intensified.

Paul stated, “You cannot take your dog for a stroll along a river and then vanish into thin air.” Something occurred on that day.”

Yesterday, a dive expert who assisted in the search for Nicola speculated that she may have been abducted or fled with a lover.

Peter Faulding is also skeptical of the river theory, putting him at odds with Lancashire Police Superintendent Sally Riley.

He disclosed that he had a “brutal conversation” with Paul after the father asked him to assist in the search.

He said, “I told him I had to be completely honest with him, and that he had to consider every option, no matter how difficult it was.

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“Nicola was a beautiful and habitual woman who could have been targeted for abduction.

Despite the lack of evidence, he continued, “She could have fled with a lover or walked from the bench to the main road and into a car.”

“It may seem improbable, but everything about this case appears improbable. It is important to be forthright about these matters, however upsetting they may be.”

Mr. Faulding claims he has located hundreds of bodies during his 28-year career, including instances in which the police failed.

Nicola’s phone may have been placed on the bench as a decoy, as he concurred with Paul’s theory.

He added: In the cases, I have worked on, nothing can be ruled out. This is why I’ve been called in.”