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HomeNewsExpert Suggests Nicola Bulley May Have Been Pushed Into River

Expert Suggests Nicola Bulley May Have Been Pushed Into River

Expert Suggests Nicola Bulley May Have Been Pushed Into River

Missing mother Nicola Bulley may have been “pushed extremely hard” into the river, according to a DIVE expert.

Peter Faulding and his team have already searched the frozen Lancashire waterway for the mother of two but withdrew after failing to locate her.

The veteran diver who founded Specialist Group International stated that he did not believe Nicola was in the river after exhausting all available resources.

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However, he expressed a theory and offered to rejoin search efforts today.

Peter speculated that the 45-year-old may have ended up in the middle of the River Wyre on January 27, the day she vanished.

He stated to The Telegraph, “On the river that day, it was not very swift.

“I’ve spent a great deal of time with the family, and they told me that she was so cautious, followed the same route every day, and avoided the river. Her Fitbit confirms that she avoids the river.

“She would have to be propelled into the middle of the river with great force.”

Peter continued: “There are many peculiar items here. If she is not located, I would conclude that something is amiss.

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“Police officers have been calling to say they agree with me; this is a peculiar situation.”

The expert diver has also outlined where he believes the police went wrong.

He told the Daily Mail, “I believe the worst mistake the police made was announcing early on that she was in the river, as opposed to saying, ‘let’s maintain open lines of inquiry.'”

This woman was physically fit and familiar with the area; if she had fallen, she could have clung to the bank.

Additionally, others have criticized the police.

A former officer stated yesterday that he believed evidence that could have helped locate the mother of two had been destroyed.

And a leading homicide detective identified a series of errors he believed officers had made throughout the investigation.

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Peter, an expert diver, announced today that he intends to search for a buried body.

He spoke as police searched the caravan park just yards from the location where the mother vanished on January 27.

According to a former Scotland Yard detective, officers are compiling a list of all registered sex offenders in the area, as is standard procedure.

One of Nicola’s friends also divulged new information about her still-missing car keys