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HomeNewsMSU Gunman on the Loose: CCTV Images Released

MSU Gunman on the Loose: CCTV Images Released

MSU Gunman on the Loose: CCTV Images Released

Police have released CCTV images of the alleged shooter at Michigan State University, where three deaths and at least five injuries have been confirmed.

A manhunt for a lone gunman at Michigan State University has concluded with the death of the suspect, who killed three and injured more than five others.

The suspect was described as a “short man wearing a mask,” and police released CCTV images of him.

An image appearing to be the suspect has also appeared on social media

In the CCTV footage, he was seen carrying a backpack while wearing red shoes, what appeared to be a denim jacket, and a baseball cap.

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At Michigan State University in the United States, the gunman opened fire in multiple locations, including gym facilities. The police have stated that the suspect is “on foot” and that one person has been confirmed dead.

At least three fatalities and five injuries have been reported by the police.

During an earlier briefing, Police Chief Chris Rozman stated, “We are receiving surveillance footage of a black-mail suspect with short stature and red shoes.” Still outstanding is the suspect.

Campus security tweeted: “The suspect is described as a short man wearing a mask, possibly of African descent. Please remain in place as a precaution. Multiple reports of an active shooter on campus continue to be received.”

Monday at 8:18 p.m., Police Chief Rozman confirmed that the shooting began in the academic building Berkey Hall and then spread to the student union, a popular gathering place.

FBI Detroit has joined the campus’s hundreds of local and state police armed with long guns, as well as a helicopter and long guns.

Social media footage depicts dozens of people screaming and fleeing for safety on a campus where initial reports sparked fears of multiple deaths. Countless injured people were rushed to the hospital.

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The Campus police have recently tweeted: “Three fatalities have been confirmed. These victims are in addition to the five who have already been transported to the hospital.”

On the East Lansing campus, about 90 miles northwest of Detroit, students were ordered to remain in place for hours.

Students pictured waiting for information

Chief of Police Rozman reported that hundreds of officers from various agencies were present on campus. He requested that his parents stay away.

“I can only imagine the emotions at play right now… We are making every effort to ensure the security of our campus and all of our students “the chief of police stated.

The five victims were transported to Sparrow Hospital, according to hospital spokesman John Foren, who did not have any information regarding their conditions.

By 10:15 p.m., both Berkey and nearby residence halls had been secured, according to police.

Separately, police announced on Twitter that a shooting had occurred at IM East, a student recreation center. However, Police Chief Rozman did not mention it during his news conference and instead stated that there were false reports of additional shootings.

Aedan Kelley, a junior who lives less than a kilometer east of campus, stated that he had locked his doors and covered his windows “just in case.” He reported that there were constant sirens and an overhead helicopter.

Kelley stated, “Everything is terrifying.” It is overwhelming that so many people are texting me to ask if I am okay.

About 50,000 students attend Michigan State. Classes and athletics were among the activities that were canceled for 48 hours.