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HomeNewsRose Muhando crowns Guardian Angel as top Kenyan artist

Rose Muhando crowns Guardian Angel as top Kenyan artist

Rose Muhando crowns Guardian Angel as top Kenyan artist

Muhando wants to work with Guardian Angel.

Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando has named Guardian Angel as her favorite Kenyan gospel performer.

Muhando was asked about her favorite singers during a recent interview while in Kenya.

She mentioned a few of them, and when asked who her favorite was, she mentioned Guardian Angel.

“All their songs are good,” she said, referring to Size 8, with whom she has a song, as well as Betty Bayo, Solomon Mukubwa, and Guardian Angel.

Muhando went on to say that she has known Guardian for a long time and would be delighted to work with him.

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“I adore Guardian Angel and his singing style. That flavor he puts in his songs is reflected in his singing style. I’m conversing with the Holy Spirit.

I’ve known him since he first started in the industry, and we’ve attended several events together.”

When Guardian Angel saw the video, he expressed his gratitude and expressed hope that they would collaborate this year.

“Mungu awezeshe 2023.”

When Size 8 performed Vice Versa with Muhando, she told Word Is that the song was written straight from their hearts to appreciate the gift of life after overcoming various challenges in life.

“I’ve wanted to work with the legendary artist ever since I was saved seven years ago,” she explained.

They bonded quickly, according to the mother of two.

“We finished so quickly. God’s grace was sufficient in the shortest time I’ve ever worked on any song with anyone. She has a wealth of knowledge.”