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Mum let down by cops leaves a suicide note hoping her death saves another life.

Mum let down by cops leaves a suicide note hoping her death saves another life.

The family of an abused mother who committed suicide stated last night that she was let down by the same police force that botched the search for Nicola Bulley.

Kiena Dawes, 23 years old, criticized Lancashire Police in a suicide note after she vanished. Her brother Kynan, 30 years old, stated that Kiena, of Fleetwood, was “disappointed.”

Kiena Dawes committed suicide after leaving a note expressing her disappointment with Lancashire Police.
The abused mother’s family claimed she was let down by the same police department that botched the Nicola Bulley search.
Kiena Dawes felt abandoned by Lancashire Police after an ex-partner was accused of domestic violence.
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Former Secretary of the Interior Priti Patel has demanded an impartial investigation into the force.

The young mother left a note pleading: “I hope my life saves another by the police acting more quickly.”

Tormented Kiena felt abandoned by the Lancashire Police after her ex was accused of domestic violence.

In July of last year, she was reported missing after leaving a note on her phone at a friend’s house.

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Officers categorized her as “high risk” — the same classification as tragic Nicola — and began searching her hometown of Fleetwood.

However, despite being given the license plate of her white BMW, they were unable to locate her in time; five hours later, she committed suicide after being struck by a train.

Last night, her family expressed their belief that she had been repeatedly let down, as the police watchdog announced an investigation into the force’s contact with Kiena and its response to her disappearance.

Last night, her alleged attacker remained free on bail.

Kiena’s family said that the search for Nicola had devastated them and that no lessons had been learned.

Brother Kynan, 30 years old, from Lytham St. Annes, stated, “They let Kiena down in life and her final moments.

She felt that the police were not helping her despite numerous reports of domestic violence.

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“Her attacker was repeatedly foiled, leaving her with nowhere to turn. She gave up hope.

“When we discovered her note, we realized we were in a race against time.

“We called the police immediately.

“We informed them of the car’s make and model, its license plate, and its origin.”

“They only needed to access the ANPR cameras.

She was a high-risk missing person, but her case was not prioritized.

“They did not take any action.

“They just stated that they were seeking her…

but the train arrived before she did.

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They do not move quickly enough. This never occurs. They lacked interest.

“Those five hours were the longest of my life, but Nicola Bulley’s family had to wait three weeks. That is inhumane.”

Kynan began his search for Kiena, who was wearing a police panic alarm around her neck, out of desperation.

He presented himself at the Blackpool police station and demanded, “Find her.”

Later that day, however, two officers arrived at Angela’s house to inform her of Kiena’s passing.

“As a family member, all you want to know is that they’re putting their entire being into finding her,” added the builder Kynan.

“I believe they will never learn. How many lives will be lost before swifter action is taken?

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“This will occur again unless there is a new law that prioritizes the search for missing persons and compels the police to use every resource available.

“I have no faith in them.”

In an October report, His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary raised separate concerns about the force.

It states: “The Lancashire Constabulary must improve its investigation of crime.”

The search for Nicola, a mother of two who was reported missing in St. Michael’s on Wyre on January 27, has infuriated many.

Given her struggles with alcohol and menopause, she was immediately classified as high-risk.

On Sunday, her body was discovered less than one mile from where she was last seen.

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Last night, Lancashire Police announced that Kiena’s alleged abuser, age 29, had been arrested on suspicion of assault and controlling and coercive behavior.

He remains out on bond.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on this case while criminal proceedings are ongoing,” they added.

“In July 2022, we referred ourselves to the IOPC regarding our contact with Kiena before her passing.”

The IOPC stated, “Our investigation into Lancashire Constabulary’s prior contact with Kiena Dawes before her death on July 22 continues.”

“We are investigating the police response when Miss Dawes was reported missing, as well as allegations that she was assaulted.

“After obtaining and reviewing several witness statements, we have informed an officer that they have been cited for potential gross misconduct.

This does not necessarily imply disciplinary action will be taken.

Women’s Aid’s Farah Nazeer stated, “This heartbreaking case demonstrates precisely why domestic violence cases must be treated with urgency and seriousness.

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“Specialist ongoing training from organizations such as ours is essential for police forces, as domestic violence affects an estimated 1.6 million women per year, who are abused by a current or former partner.

Every two weeks, three women are murdered in the United Kingdom alone.

“We know that only one in five women contact the police; for more women to seek assistance, they must know they will be taken seriously and can trust the person with whom they speak.