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The Hunt for Missing Mum Nicola Bulley

The Hunt for Missing Mum Nicola Bulley

Ms. Bulley vanished while walking her dog in the village of St. Michael’s on Wyre on January 27 after dropping off her two daughters, ages six and nine, at school.

Police have discovered a body near the location where Nicola Bulley, a mother of two, was last seen more than three weeks after she went missing.

Officers searching for the missing mother stated that they responded to reports of a body in the River Wyre, but that “no formal identification has yet been conducted.”

Police have previously stated that their “main working hypothesis” is that the 45-year-old mortgage consultant fell into the river between 9:10 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. on January 27.

Lancashire Constabulary has come under increasing scrutiny and criticism for their handling of the situation, especially their decision to release information about Ms. Bulley’s alcohol problems due to her “ongoing struggles with menopause.”

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GossipA2z details the daily progression of the search for the missing mother of two.

Search for Missing Nicola Bulley Intensifies with Focus on Anglers
Search for Missing Nicola Bulley

The 27th of January was the day she vanished.

Ms. Bulley left her residence with her two daughters, ages six and nine, at 8.26 a.m.

The mother of two dropped off her children at school at 8:40 a.m. while conversing with a few people in the schoolyard.

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Following school drop-off at 8.43 am, Ms. Bulley walked along a path by the River Wyre off Garstang Road in the village of St. Michael’s on Wyre.

Someone who knows Ms. Bulley spotted her walking her dog around the lower field at 8:47 a.m. Their two dogs had a brief interaction before the witness left the field via the river path.

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Ms. Bulley sent an email to her boss at 8.53 a.m., followed six minutes later by a message to a friend arranging a playdate for her children.

Ms. Bulley joined a work conference call on Microsoft Teams at 9:01 a.m.

At 9:10 a.m., a witness who knows Ms. Bulley spotted her walking Willow, her dog, on the upper field. The dog was not wearing a harness and was not on a leash. This is the last sighting of Ms. Bulley that is confirmed.

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The police believe that Nicola left her phone on a bench by the river at 9:20 a.m.

The conference call ended at 9.30 am, but Ms. Bulley remained online.

Ms. Bulley’s mobile phone was discovered on the bench by another dog walker at 9:33 a.m.

Her dog was discovered running between a field gate and a bench.

The dog’s harness was discovered between the bench and the river’s edge on the grass.

This witness then inquired about the phone’s owner and spoke with individuals who identified the dog as Ms. Bulley’s.

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Ms. Bulley’s family and the school her children attend were informed of the situation at 10:50 a.m.

28 January

The Lancashire Constabulary deploys helicopters, drones, and dogs as the search for the missing person gains momentum.

The North West underwater search team, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, and Bowland Pennine mountain rescue team participate in the search.

29 January

Approximately 100 people attend a meeting at the village hall to organize a search for the missing mother.

The river and its banks are “extremely dangerous,” according to police warnings to volunteers.

30 January

The Lancashire Police have stated that they are keeping an “open mind as to what may have occurred” and are not treating the disappearance as suspicious.

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31 January

Police interview a possible witness who was walking a small white dog near the river when the mother of two disappeared.

Her family released a statement saying they were “overwhelmed by the support” and that Ms. Bulley’s daughters were “desperate to have their mother back home safely.”

February 2

Divers from the North West Police Underwater and marine support unit investigate the vicinity of where Ms. Bulley’s phone was discovered.

Louise Cunningham, her sister, tells Sky News: “There must be someone who knows something, and all we ask is that if you recall anything that doesn’t seem right, no matter how small or large, please contact the police. Contact me and return my sister.”

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February 3

Ex-Detective Suggests Blood-Spattered Bench in Nicola Bulley Case
Ex-Detective Suggests Blood-Spattered Bench in Nicola Bulley Case

Police reveal that their primary theory is that Ms. Bulley fell into the river, adding that it is “possible” that a “problem” with her dog caused her to fall into the water.

They issued a detailed list of clothing items that Ms. Bulley was last seen wearing and urged the public to look for them.

February 5

Police interview a woman described as a “key witness” who was seen pushing a stroller near the location where Ms. Bulley was last seen that morning.

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February 6

Paul Ansell, the partner of Ms. Bulley, states to Lancashire Police “Ten days have passed since Nicola went missing, and my two young daughters desperately miss and require her return.

This has been a particularly difficult time for the girls, as well as for me and all of Nicola’s family and friends, as well as the larger community, and I want to thank them for their love and support.

A private team of specialized divers led by Peter Faulds searches the river with specialized sonar equipment.

February 7

Mr. Faulding tells the press that he does not believe Ms. Bulley is in the water, prompting Lancashire Police to dismiss claims of a criminal aspect to Ms. Bulley’s disappearance.

February 8

New Lead in Nicola Bulley Search: Police Expand 20 Miles from Disappearance Site
New Lead in Nicola Bulley Search: Police Expand 20 Miles from Disappearance Site

Search teams were spotted where the River Wyre empties into Morecambe Bay, which is “further downstream” from where Ms. Bulley vanished.

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February 9

Police issued a dispersal order to break up groups of “amateur detectives” allegedly filming in the area surrounding Ms. Bulley’s disappearance.

February 12

Friends and family have tied yellow ribbons with messages of hope to a bridge near the location where Ms. Bulley was last seen.

February 13

Wyre Council removes councilors’ contact information from its website, citing “inappropriate emails and phone calls” as the reason for the removal.

February 14

Two individuals are arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications regarding the disappearance of Ms. Bulley.

The police report receiving reports of messages sent to local council members.

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February 15

Missing Mum's Health Issues Resurface, Police Reveal
Missing Mum’s Health Issues Resurface, Police Reveal

As the investigation enters its twentieth day, police hold a press conference to discuss its progress.

They reveal that Ms. Bulley was deemed “high risk” due to “several specific vulnerabilities,” but refuse to elaborate on what those vulnerabilities are.
Unexpectedly, they clarified later in the day that Ms. Bulley had “significant issues with alcohol” due to “ongoing struggles with menopause.”

February 16

The decision by Lancashire Police to reveal Ms. Bulley’s difficulties generates widespread opposition.

MPs, including Home Secretary Suella Braverman, criticize the force for “victim blaming,” whereas women’s rights groups slammed the force for reinforcing the notion that women are “hormonal” and “crazy.”

Later, the family issued a statement saying: “As a family, we were aware that Lancashire Police had issued a statement containing personal information about Nikki last night.

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“People are speculating and threatening to sell stories about Nikki, even though we are aware that she would not have wanted this. This is abhorrent and must end immediately.”

February 17

The information commissioner has announced that he will investigate Lancashire Constabulary’s decision to reveal Ms. Bulley’s issues, which has prompted additional criticism.

When he discovered Ms. Bulley’s phone on the day she went missing, the dog walker who found it told Sky News, “This isn’t right.”

Ernie Bulley, Nicola’s father, reveals that since his daughter went missing, “every day has been a struggle.”

The prime minister expresses “concern” over Lancashire Police’s decision to reveal Ms. Bulley’s alcoholism as the force announces an internal review of the investigation.

February 19

A body is discovered close to where Ms. Bulley disappeared.

The Lancashire Police Department issues a statement stating: “At 11:36 this morning, we were notified of a body in the River Wyre near Rawcliffe Road.

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“Subsequently, an underwater search team and specialized officers attended the scene, entered the water, and recovered a body.

“We are currently unable to confirm if this is Nicola Bulley due to the absence of a formal identification procedure.

“Identification procedures are ongoing. At this time, we are treating death as unexplained.

“The family of Nicola has been informed of recent events, and our thoughts are with them during these trying times. We request that their privacy be maintained.”