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HomeNewsBody Found Near Where Nicola Bulley Disappeared, Family Braces for Worst

Body Found Near Where Nicola Bulley Disappeared, Family Braces for Worst

Body Found Near Where Nicola Bulley Disappeared, Family Braces for Worst

THE FAMILY OF MISSING Nicola Bulley is preparing for “the worst possible news” following the discovery of a body in a river.

It was recovered from the water a mile away from where Nicola, a 45-year-old mother of two, was last seen three weeks ago in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancs.

Missing The partner of Nicola Bulley stated that there are “no words right now, only agony” following the discovery of a body.

Nicola’s partner Paul Ansell, 44, and her daughters Harriet and Sophia were being supported by officers as he said there are ‘no words right now, just agony’
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Dog walkers spotted it a mile from where Nicola was last seen.

Lancashire Police had conducted exhaustive searches of the River Wyre in Lancashire and were desperately attempting to defend their investigation.

In a tragic turn of events, however, a body was discovered in the water yesterday morning.

Woman points out location of body as hunt for missing Nicola takes devastating turn

As the couple who discovered her were photographed pointing to the water, a massive police response was initiated, and officers rushed to the scene.

The man’s face was ruddy as he pointed to an outcropping of trees and undergrowth along the bank.

It was reported that he told police, “It was a body.” Body is located there. It was a woman’s body. There is unquestionably a body buried there.”

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A nearby road was immediately blocked off, and a police helicopter hovered overhead.

As divers entered the water, reinforcements rushed to cordon off the area immediately surrounding them.

As Lancashire Police confirmed the discovery, senior investigating officer Det Supt Rebecca Smith arrived, and forensic tents were erected on the riverbank.

Police officers supported Nicola’s partner Paul Ansell, 44, and their daughters Harriet, 9, and Sophia, 6, last night.

Inzamam Rashid, a correspondent for Sky News, stated that he had been in contact with Nicola’s family, who had sent him a string of broken-heart emojis.

In a message, Paul had written, “No words right now, just agony” in response to the news, which caused them to feel agony and heartbreak.

During the evening, the messages of hope that had been taped to a nearby bridge were removed and replaced with flowers.

Wyre Council leader Michael Vincent, who has been intimately involved in the search for Nicola, stated to The Sun, “This is a tragic situation.” The family and friends of Nicola have been through hell.

We have all hoped for the best for the past three weeks. Hearing that a body has been discovered is incredibly heartbreaking. I cannot fathom what Nicola’s family and friends are experiencing.

We are all awaiting official confirmation, which will be the worst possible news if it arrives.

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Nicola, a mortgage consultant, vanished on January 27 after dropping off her daughters at school in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

She had been by the river with her dog.

Her phone was discovered while on a work call. The police’s primary theory has always been that Nicola, on the left, entered the water. A thorough search was conducted by police teams.

Peter Faulding of Specialist Group International offered his services for free in response to Nicola’s family’s pleading. Two weeks have passed, and it is believed that the river has not been searched since then.

The road was reopened more than four hours after yesterday’s distressing discovery, indicating that police do not believe it to be a crime scene.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police stated, “No formal identification has yet been conducted, so we are unable to confirm if this is Nicola Bulley at this time.”

“Identification procedures are ongoing. At this time, we are treating death as unexplained.

“The family of Nicola has been informed of the latest developments, and our thoughts are with them during these trying times. We request that their privacy be maintained.”

According to estimates, formal identification could take several days.

A witness who observed the couple who discovered the body speaking with police stated, “I heard the man discussing something in the undergrowth with police.”

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“The blues and twos were blaring as police cars sped down the street. A few minutes later, a police officer pulled up and pulled out his drone. After five minutes, a police helicopter arrived. Officers then requested my exit.

Due to the river’s proximity to the road, online detectives continued to hypothesize that the corpse was dumped there by a third party.

Suella Braverman, the home secretary, tweeted, “These are heartbreaking and distressing developments. My thoughts continue to be with Nicola’s family during this difficult time.”

Andrew Snowden, the Lancashire Police, and Crime Commissioner tweeted: “My thoughts are with Nicola’s family and friends.

“I would like to thank the Lancashire Police officers and staff at the scene and throughout the force. Please respect the privacy of Nicola’s family and friends, as well as the police, as they carry out their duties.”

Nicola Harris, 62, who walks her dog in the area, stated, “At least this could bring the family closure. The thought of her abduction must have been excruciating.

“It’s horrifying. It has been such a complicated case, but at least now the family may be able to get answers and have her returned.”

Last night, a bouquet of daffodils and a small handful of snowdrops were placed on the bench where Nicola’s cell phone was discovered.

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Her parents, Ernest, 73, and Dot, 72, have previously expressed their fear that they will never see their daughter again.

After her disappearance, Ernest stated, “We dread to believe we will never see her again.”

How will we deal with this for the rest of our lives if the worst-case scenario occurs and she is never found?

They attached a note and yellow ribbons to a bridge near where she vanished. It read: “Every day, we pray for you. Love you. Mum and dad.”