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HomeNewsFamily slams police decision to release "vulnerability" claims about Nicola Bulley

Family slams police decision to release “vulnerability” claims about Nicola Bulley

Family slams police decision to release “vulnerability” claims about Nicola Bulley

The family of NICOLA Bulley has criticized the “terrible” police decision to reveal the mother’s private struggles.

Nicola, 45, was last seen on January 27 at approximately 9:15 a.m. in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

When she disappeared, Lancashire Police confirmed she was considered a high-risk missing person.

Officers discovered that Nicola had “vulnerabilities,” including “significant alcohol issues” in the past, which were caused by her “ongoing struggles with menopause.”

They also disclosed that they were dispatched to Nicola’s residence on January 10 in response to a report of a welfare concern.

The police department is now under investigation by the Independent Office of Police Conduct for disclosing personal information.

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The cousin of Nicola said: “It is incorrect what has been published. All of my family and my wife’s family believe that what has been said is terrible and wrong.

“Everyone in the family is terrified of saying anything. Currently, anyone who speaks is dissected.

A friend of Nicola accused the police of releasing the information to “shift the focus” away from the scrutiny they have been subjected to throughout the investigation.

They stated to the Mirror: “I feel angry for Nikki. She is beautiful, kind, and loving. One of the best possible types of companions.

“This has unjustly portrayed her. I believe the police did this to divert attention away from themselves and their lack of progress.”

They further stated: “Everything that is written will be in the public domain. Her daughters will eventually read this entire text.”

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This comes after Nicola’s family demanded an end to “appalling” rumors about the mother-of-private two’s life.

They were informed that the police would release the statement, but they have not confirmed whether or not they approved it.

“As a family, we believe the public’s attention has shifted from finding Nikki to speculation and rumors about her and Paul’s private lives,” they said.

“As a result of perimenopause, Nikki experienced significant side effects such as brain fog and restless sleep. She was taking HRT [hormone replacement therapy] to alleviate these symptoms, but this was causing her to experience severe headaches.

The focus of the public must be on locating her, not on speculating about her private life.

Friends, MPs, and experts are now demanding answers from the Lancashire Police Department.

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, has ordered the force to explain why Nicola’s battles were released.

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A source close to the Home Secretary stated, “The Home Secretary was concerned by Lancashire Police’s disclosure of Nicola Bulley’s personal information and requested an explanation, which was received this evening.”

Dame Vera Baird, the former victims’ commissioner for England and Wales, accused the force of being sexist.

She stated, “This is the largest error I have observed in a very long time.

“Unfortunately, it will further erode public confidence in law enforcement.

“Putting this in the public domain without compensation is a heinous error, and I’m afraid it’s as sexist as it gets.

“Would police officers have stated, if it had been Nicholas, that he had been tied down with alcohol because he has been suffering from erectile dysfunction for the past few weeks? I doubt it.

I believe you can hear all the senior police officers squirming as I say this.

Sir Mark Rowley, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, stated that “time will tell” if the police were justified in leaking the information.

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He told Nick Ferrari on LBC’s Breakfast program, “Anytime you release personal information, you must be extremely cautious.

“Is it necessary from a policing standpoint to assist in locating a missing woman?

“They’ve made that decision, they’ve referred themselves to the IOPC, and only time will tell if that was the correct decision in that situation.

“I do not know what evidence they have available to investigate the case. Therefore, we’re all judging it from the outside.

“Let’s concentrate on locating her and see if the IOPC concludes that Lancashire got it right or wrong.”

Michael Vincent, the leader of Wyre Council, told Sky News, “There are lessons to be learned, but I believe they did their best under difficult circumstances.”

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He continued, referring to the information revealed by the police: “This was made public with the knowledge of Nicola’s family, as others sought to make this information public.

“This was not a decision made by the police; they were forced to act. Should they have? In the future, with the benefit of hindsight, this should be considered.

“I believe they performed admirably under difficult circumstances.”

While former Detective Chief Inspector Martyn Underhill referred to the action as victim-blaming, the move was supported by the current administration.

He said: “I’m surprised it hasn’t been released earlier, and on 3 February, in their press conference, they stated there were “no significant issues with Nicola’s health.”

“In some ways, I can comprehend why they did not release it at the time, as it would have utterly destroyed her reputation.

“It’s a risky move, but if you’re not going to make it at the beginning of the investigation, why do it now?”