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HomeNewsSearch for Missing Nicola Bulley Intensifies with Focus on Anglers

Search for Missing Nicola Bulley Intensifies with Focus on Anglers

Search for Missing Nicola Bulley Intensifies with Focus on Anglers

Police searching for Nicola Bulley is investigating who had fishing permits on the river around the time she disappeared.

On January 27, the 45-year-old went missing while walking his dog along the River Wyre in the village of St. Michael’s, Lancs.

However, it was revealed today that local fishing clubs have been contacted by officers seeking information.

It is believed that they were asked about anglers who may have had fishing permits for the river and who may have been on its banks when she vanished.

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A local angler reported to The Mirror: “It appears they are attempting to determine if anyone was fishing on the river that day and witnessed something, but no one was.

“On that day, the only people on the river were dog walkers. I can assure you of that. There were dog walkers present.”

The day after the mother-of-disappearance, two’s police contacted anglers, according to him.

However, this was only to inquire about the composition of the water where she disappeared.

Since Nicola, from nearby Inskip, went missing, the local fishing association has temporarily suspended fishing permits as a mark of respect.

It comes just days after a potential witness reported seeing two men acting suspiciously on the river the day before Nicola disappeared and the following morning.

Police are investigating a report that two men attempted to conceal their identities near Nicola’s dog-walking route the day before she vanished.

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A local reported that the two were carrying fishing rods and wore hats or hoods.

The witness reported: “It was extremely odd. It made me anxious.”

The next day, he saw one of the men again, but he didn’t think much of it until he heard about Nicola’s disappearance.

On reflection, he remarked that it was strange that they did not appear to be carrying a tackle or bait box and were dressed warmly despite the mild weather.

Cops are also combing through security camera footage from the area and attempting to identify the driver of a shabby-looking red van spotted in front of a barn the morning Nicola disappeared.

47-year-old arborist Denis Rowlandson said of the vehicle: “I do not know anyone with a red van who should park outside or near the entrance of that barn.

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“There is no reason to be there without my permission.”

According to a former Scotland Yard detective, officers are compiling a list of all registered sex offenders in the area, as is standard procedure.