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HomeNewsPartner requests Mercedes to track missing car keys of Nicola Bulley.

Partner requests Mercedes to track missing car keys of Nicola Bulley.

Partner requests Mercedes to track missing car keys of Nicola Bulley.

Her friend has revealed that Nicola Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, has asked Mercedes for assistance in locating the missing mother-of-car two’s keys.

Police have been searching for the 45-year-old mortgage consultant ever since she vanished on January 27 while walking her dog along the River Wyre after dropping off her two school-aged daughters.

Extensive searches of the river, where police believe Ms. Bulley may have fallen in, have yielded negative results, and her disappearance has sparked intense speculation and even vigilante searches.

Police activity near the bench by the River Wyre by the bench where Bulley’s phone was found

Partner requests Mercedes to track missing car keys of Nicola Bulley. This week, her neighbor of five years, Charlotte Drake, refuted internet rumors that Ms. Bulley may have left her car keys in the ignition while walking Willow by telling the Metro that the keys “were definitely on Nikki at the time of her disappearance.”

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Now, another of her friends has revealed that “one of the first things” her partner, Mr. Ansell, did upon discovering she was missing was to contact Mercedes to see if the keys could be tracked.

“Paul has been clear from the beginning that Nikki’s keys are missing,” Heather Gibbons told The Sun.

“During the local searches, he specifically requested that people keep an eye out for them, and he even arranged for people to use metal detectors.

“One of his initial actions was to contact Mercedes to determine if they could be tracked.”

“The neighbor will correct some incorrect rumors that are becoming increasingly prevalent. Ms. Gibbons concluded, “For those of us who have been out day in and day out, we do not have the time to be on here correcting every incorrect piece of speculation.” It would require more than full-time effort.”

Lancashire Police, the Coastguard, and specialist divers using high-tech sonar equipment have yet to locate the 45-year-old woman whose phone was discovered last month still connected to a Microsoft Teams call on a bench near the riverbank, along with her dog’s leash.

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On Monday, officers have observed surveying elevated paths in the village of Knott End-on-Sea while boats continued to scour Morecambe Bay, where the river empties into the sea, for a fifth day.

Peter Faulding, the founder of the specialist rescue team that has assisted in the search, stated on Monday evening that he is “convinced” she is not in the river, telling TalkTV: “The river was less than two feet deep on the day in question. If Nicola had descended that slope, she would have fallen onto rocks.

“She would have needed to be pushed extremely hard from behind to launch herself into the deep water, and the police divers thoroughly searched the river that day. This is what convinces me that Nicola is not in the river, and I believe that the phone and harness are a decoy.”

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He added, “I’ve received numerous phone calls from police and senior military personnel with whom I’ve worked in the specialist search area, telling me they can’t believe what’s happened… It should have been a general operation for missing persons, the surrounding area should have been thoroughly searched immediately, and much more must be done.”

As officers were spotted at Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site this week, close to where Ms. Bulley went missing, it was revealed that former Surrey Police officer Mark Williams-Thomas, who exposed Jimmy Saville’s history of abuse, has joined the search.

Mr. Williams-Thomas stated, “I will investigate all possibilities, present you with a factual evidence analysis, and refute some of the inaccuracies.”