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HomeNewsNew Evidence in Nicola Bulley Case: Stained Glove Found

New Evidence in Nicola Bulley Case: Stained Glove Found

New Evidence in Nicola Bulley Case: Stained Glove Found

Yesterday night, it was revealed that police searching for Nicola Bulley were given a “stained” glove discovered in the field where the mother of two was last seen.

In a dramatic turn of events, the blue ski glove was removed from an evidence bag last week although police continue to assert Nicola, 45, was swept away by a river.

It comes amid growing frustration over the search for Nicola, who was last seen on January 27 in St. Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire.

Relatives have questioned the police theory that she fell into the Wyre in a tragic accident, claiming there is no evidence to support it.

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Lancashire Police confirmed on February 7 that their controversial river theory had not changed, the same day that two walkers discovered the glove.

It was a short distance from where Nicola was last seen and close to where she left her phone on a bench.

The glove was placed in a bag and given to the police.

A live video of the discovery was uploaded to TikTok, but it has since been removed.

The individual who shared the video also mentioned that the covering was stained, although it was unclear what.

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The blue glove is pictured on a fallen tree branch in a photograph obtained by The Sun.

One woman commented online, “Has anyone heard anything about the glove that was discovered early in the morning on the field where she was last seen on TikTok live?”

“I watched it live around 1 am. A couple went to the field last night and discovered a stained glove.

They reported it to the police and handed it to an officer in a bag.

Yellow ribbons adorn the bridge in St. Michael’s, where residents anxiously await Nicola’s return.

Yesterday, the 49-year-old musician Peter Andre referred to her disappearance as a “bizarre tale” with “more questions than answers.”

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He stated that he “cannot imagine” what her relatives are experiencing as they await news.