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HomeNews"I enjoyed raping you," ANDREW texted a LADY

“I enjoyed raping you,” ANDREW texted a LADY

“I enjoyed raping you,” ANDREW texted a LADY

“I f—ing loved how much you despised it. “I enjoyed raping you,” ANDREW texted a LADY, describing strangling her in a voice note.

Andrew Tate, a self-described right-winger, and misogynist texted a woman, “I love raping you,” according to a new report.

The woman who accused him of rape in 2013 provided those messages to British police, who declined to charge him in 2019 for those voice notes and other allegations made by a second woman.

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The news broke on Wednesday, January 11, as Tate and his brother remained in custody in Romania while authorities investigated allegations that they were part of a human trafficking ring.

“Do you think I’m a bad person? Because the less you liked it, the more I liked it,” Tate allegedly said in a WhatsApp voice note obtained by VICE World News.

“I f—ed loved how much you despised it. It piqued my interest. Why am I this way? Why?”

According to VICE, that was just one of the dozens of text and voice messages provided by a woman using the alias Amelia.

She told the outlet that he strangled her and forced himself on her after they had only been dating for a few weeks. She claimed she saw him several times over the next few months, fearful of the 6-foot-tall kickboxer and in denial about the alleged assault.

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According to VICE, Tate stated, “I love raping you” in another message shortly after the alleged sexual assault.

Amelia reported the alleged assault to police about six months later, and she and another woman made similar claims in 2015. Tate was arrested, according to VICE, but British police decided not to charge him.

The brothers lost their appeal against a Romanian court decision that extended their detention by 30 days. Prosecutors can now seek to detain them, as well as two women arrested as accomplices, for 180 days. Furthermore, as part of the investigation, authorities seized luxury cars and properties, and he lost an appeal on that as well on Wednesday.

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