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CRUISIN’ on the Symphony Of The Seas, a billion-pound cruise ship with 19 pools that serves 35,000 beers per week.

Symphony of the Seas has 19 swimming pools, two surf lagoons, an ice cream shop, theatre shows, glow in the dark laser tag, and a passenger capacity of 6,680.

This Royal Caribbean cruise ship sailed for the first time in 2018 and has taken passengers to the Western Mediterranean, Florida, and the Caribbean.

The ship is worth £1 Billion
a billion-pound cruise ship with 19 pools that serves 35,000 beers per week.

The ship is divided into seven neighborhoods and measures 1,188 feet long and 215.5 feet wide.

It is so large and packed with attractions that the ship’s captain, Captain Rick, stated in the Channel 4 documentary Billion Pound Cruise, which airs tonight at 11.05pm: “The ship is massive and packed with attractions.”

Playmakers, a family sports bar with 30 big-screen TVs and a slew of arcade games, and Sugar Beach, a new sweet and ice-cream shop where kids can decorate their own cakes, are both in the Boardwalk neighborhood.

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The cruise ship has an abundance of pools and two surf lagoons, as well as the Ultimate Abyss water slide, which is the tallest slide at sea and corkscrews down 10 decks.

The Paradox Void is a 20-foot-high structure made up of 1,200 stainless steel triangles and 200 LED lights, while 12,000 tropical plants and trees add to the alfresco dining ambience in the Central Park neighborhood.

There are also 20 restaurants onboard, and while many are included in the cruise price, there are some that are not.

Hooked, for example, is a New England-style seafood restaurant with a raw bar of fresh fish picked up every time the ship docks in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Robot bartenders mix cocktails at the Bionic Bar, while creative chefs serve imaginative drinks at the Wonderland bar.

According to Food And Beverage Director Emmanuel, we consume 340 metric tonnes of fresh produce per week.

“We go through 35,000 bottles of beer in seven days.”

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A two-story Ultimate Family Suite sleeps eight people and has two bedrooms.

A zany slide leads from the children’s bedroom into the lounge, where there is a floor-to-ceiling LEGO wall.

A dining room table can be converted into a pool or ice hockey table, and a 3D TV sits in a nook alongside a popcorn machine.

There’s even a whirlpool on the wraparound balcony for the whole family to relax in.

There’s plenty of entertainment onboard, including a performance of Hairspray the musical, a live orchestra, ice skating shows, and an aqua theatre with high-flying stunts called Hiro.

The ship accommodates 6,680 passengers and 2,200 crew members on 18 decks.

The Symphony of the Seas will sail through the Western Mediterranean and the Southern Caribbean this year.

Last year, Royal Caribbean debuted the world’s largest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas, which can carry 7,600 passengers and costs more than £2 billion.

It has already been dubbed the “ultimate family vacation,” complete with an onboard waterpark and waterfall.

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