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HomeNewsGachagua Apologises for Skipping Event in Ruto Backyard

Gachagua Apologises for Skipping Event in Ruto Backyard

Gachagua Apologises for Skipping Event in Ruto Backyard

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua extended an apology to the residents of Kesses in Uasin Gishu for missing an event in their area during the campaign season.

Addressing the congregation at an interdenominational Church service in Matharu on Sunday, Gachagua explained that his schedule had been extremely tight, preventing him from attending the event at that time.

During his recent visit, the DP pledged to make amends for skipping the tour and conveyed a message from President William Ruto. The President and Gachagua had discussed the visit to Matharu before Ruto departed for America.

“The President sent me here with his greetings and asked me to visit before he left for America. He also sent a contribution with me,” stated Gachagua. “The President loves you and he will visit this area when he returns.”

“I admit that I was supposed to come to Matharu during the campaign period, but I ask for your forgiveness for not making it then. I was overwhelmed with work and had limited time,” he added.


During his speech, the deputy president announced a donation of Ksh10 million to Matharu High School for the construction of an office block and other projects.

He also announced that the government had released Ksh600 million on Friday to compensate milk farmers experiencing delays in payment for their supplies.

“I am here to apologize, and since I missed the visit, I must pay a fine, as is our tradition in Africa,” Gachagua added.

Earlier, the DP criticized some of President Ruto’s allies for interfering in Mt Kenya politics during an empowerment speech in Uasin Gishu County.

He accused certain leaders of giving the President poor advice ahead of the 2027 General Election but emphasized that his relationship with President Ruto remained strong.

“There are politicians from Rift Valley collaborating with others in Mt Kenya to plan for the 2027 politics. Why aim to succeed the President while he is still in office?” Gachagua questioned.

“We are good people, but the issue lies with a few leaders from this region (Rift Valley) who are misguiding the President on Mt Kenya politics.”

Gachagua Apologises for Skipping Event in Ruto Backyard