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What Awaits June Ruto After Joining Course With KDF, NIS, KRA & Other Gov’t Officers

What Awaits June Ruto After Joining Course With KDF, NIS, KRA & Other Gov’t Officers

Defence CS Aden Duale clarified that President William Ruto’s daughter, June Ruto, has not been appointed to the National Defence College.

CS Duale stated that June enrolled at the National Defence College for a training course.

The National Defence College offers security courses for government officials, and since June is a staffer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was seconded for the course.

She is part of the 27th cohort, which includes 67 students who began the program on July 3.

June, along with two other officials nominated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will participate in the one-year National Security Strategy course.

The course also includes staff from the State Department of Immigration, KRA, NIS, ODPP, EACC, and the Ministry of Health.

The class features 48 officers from the Kenya Defence Forces holding the rank of colonel.

Participants will engage in a curriculum focusing on leadership, strategic studies, and national security, aimed at equipping them with the skills to address contemporary security issues.

During the launch of the cohort, CS Duale delivered a speech titled ‘Public Integrity and the Whole of Society Approach,’ emphasizing the integration of NGOs, the private sector, and civil society to build a resilient and cohesive society.

He mentioned that this approach promotes collaboration, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability to address societal challenges effectively.

June Ruto faces a rigorous experience designed to equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in strategic policy roles.

The National Security and Strategy course at the National Defence College is structured to develop leaders who are well-versed in both theoretical and practical aspects of national and international security, preparing them to meet the challenges of their roles effectively.


Course Structure

The course is divided into four distinct terms, each focusing on a specific area of study:

Foundation Studies

This term lays the foundation for the entire course, covering essential topics related to policy formulation and foundational studies crucial for understanding the broader aspects of national security and strategy.

Domestic Scene

The focus shifts to the domestic scene, examining internal national security issues.

This term provides in-depth knowledge about the internal dynamics and security challenges faced by the country.

International Affairs

This term explores the international arena, comparing and contrasting the domestic scene with global security issues.

It offers insights into international relations, global security challenges, and the role of national security in the international context.

National Security

The final term is a concise yet intensive study of national and regional security strategies. It includes strategic planning, graduation, and preparation for roles and responsibilities at the senior policy level.

During the last week of the course, a National Security Seminar takes place, articulating Kenya’s National Vision and Grand Strategy.

A cross-section of prominent personalities are invited to share their experiences.

What Awaits June Ruto After Joining Course With KDF, NIS, KRA & Other Gov’t Officers