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Ruto Calls Urgent Cabinet Meeting Amid Calls to Ax Incompetent CSs

Ruto Calls Urgent Cabinet Meeting Amid Calls to Ax Incompetent CSs

President William Ruto is currently leading a Cabinet meeting at the State House following weeks of widespread anti-government protests across the country.

This meeting occurs amidst rumors of an impending Cabinet reshuffle, with speculations suggesting some Cabinet Secretaries may face reassignment or dismissal.

According to an anonymous Cabinet Secretary interviewed by the Gossipa2z.com, there is a sense of unease among ministers, who are eager to ascertain their future before proceeding with ministry programs.

The protests, largely driven by disgruntled youths, highlight public dissatisfaction with Ruto’s administration. Demonstrators have demanded Ruto’s resignation, attributing government failures to resolve national challenges.

Among the protesters’ demands is decisive action against corrupt officials and underperforming ministers from the past two years.

Despite mounting pressure, some analysts view the protests as an opportunity for President Ruto to strategically restructure his Cabinet and possibly reduce government expenditure.

Charles Owino, Chairperson of the Council of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, noted, “The President stands to benefit from these protests by restructuring his Cabinet and cutting down on salaries.”


Defense Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has publicly supported the need for accountability within the administration, stating, “If I have failed the President as the Defense Minister, I am prepared for him to take the necessary action against me and others who have faltered.”

During a Senate session titled The State of the Nation, Senator Boni Khalwale and his colleagues called for a comprehensive overhaul of Ruto’s cabinet to curb the burgeoning public wage bill. Khalwale urged the President to dissolve the Cabinet and eliminate non-essential roles like the Prime Cabinet Secretary.

In a media roundtable discussion, President Ruto reaffirmed his stance on handling ministers accused of corruption, emphasizing his commitment to due process before taking any punitive measures.

“We must respect due process,” Ruto asserted, “I will only take action against a minister facing charges once there is evidence of their involvement in a crime.”

As Kenyans await President Ruto’s next steps, there is anticipation about how he will restore public confidence in his administration and tackle the country’s economic challenges.

Ruto Calls Urgent Cabinet Meeting Amid Calls to Ax Incompetent CSs