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Una Healy, David Haye, and Sian Osborne ‘in love’

Una Healy, David Haye, and Sian Osborne ‘in love’ Healy of the Saturdays recently shared a photo of herself posing in a swimming pool with David Haye and model Sian Osborne during their Marrakech vacation.

Una Healy is said to be involved in a “three-way romance” with David Haye and Sian Osborne.

The Saturdays singer, 41, and the former world heavyweight boxing champion, 42, have recently shared numerous photos on Instagram with their fans during their vacation in Morocco with model Sian.

Una had uploaded a photo of herself in a pool last week before boxer David joined the former singer and Sian for a photo in the pool.

“Happy New Year, and may 2023 bring you all you wish for,” David captioned his image.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one tells everything.”

He went on to say that he began the year by “surrounding myself with understanding lovely human people who do not judge” but accept him.

And now it’s been revealed that the trio ‘became close’ last year while spending time in London over the holidays.

They have told their families and friends about their relationship, according to The Sun.

David, 30, and Sian, 30, have been together since 2020.

Una uploaded a photo of the three posing for the camera at the dinner table earlier this week.

David sat in the center, holding both women’s hands, which he rested on his knees.

They all looked stunning, with Una wearing a gold sequined gown and Sian wearing a plunging crimson gown.

“I started 2023 in a good mood, feeling true happiness and calm. Here’s to making this year ours! “The post was captioned by Una.

Some followers were perplexed by the snapshot and rushed to social media to query the nature of their relationship.

“I wish I had two girlfriends,” Melvin Odoom quipped.

“I’m perplexed. “Are you all together?” one follower inquired, while another added, “What is going on here?”

“I’m bewildered, are they both in a relationship with him?” one commenter asked.

According to several fans, Una just joined David and his girlfriend Sian on their sunny vacation.

Someone stated: “David Hayes’ girlfriend is the woman in red, with whom he has been dating for two years. Una is only on vacation.”