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HomeNewsFans believe Kris Jenner photoshopped Corey

Fans believe Kris Jenner photoshopped Corey

Fans believe Kris Jenner photoshopped her boyfriend Corey Gamble into the shot amid separation rumors.

Kardashian’s followers believe Kris Jenner photoshopped Corey Gamble into one of her photos, amid reports that the couple had called it quits on their romance.

Kris Jenner has been accused of “photoshopping” her boyfriend Corey Gamble into her newest social media post to dispel rumors that the couple had split up.

Kris, 67, shared an Instagram story on Tuesday of herself and Corey at Kourtney Kardashian’s Christmas Eve party.

Nothing out of the ordinary, the couple seemed joyful together, as momager Kris was dressed to the nines in a red floor-length ruffled gown with a Santa Claus handbag.

Corey, 42, dressed down in black slacks and a silky top, accessorizing with dark sunglasses and a heavy silver chain.

Kris captioned the photo as follows: “Everyone should have a Happy New Year!!! @coreygamble, I adore you.”

However, one observant fan detected something off about the shot and uploaded it on a famous Kardashians Reddit page.

“Not another Christmas photo with someone STANDING ON a Kardashian outfit,” they wrote.

That’s when rumors started flying that Corey had been Photoshopped into the photograph.

“Perhaps he was photoshopped in,” one individual speculated.

Another user concurred, saying, “Definitely photoshopped in,” while a third wondered, “Is she tweeting this to fight the allegations they broke up?”

“I believe so,” a different person replied to that reply. He has a p*ssed expression on his face and isn’t even holding her… “Of course.”

Some fans pointed out that Corey didn’t even show up to Kourtney’s $9 million Calabasas mansion party on December 24.

“Am I the only one who noticed he wasn’t at the Christmas Eve party?” one Reddit user asked.

Another person commented on a Deux Moi blind piece that said, “The matriarch of this prominent family is currently single. Her considerably younger boyfriend and she have called it quits.

“I’m curious about what’s taking them so long to reveal it. They have before unless they are waiting to see if they will patch things up.”

One fan responded: “If this turns out to be true, congratulations to Corey! I know he was never romantically attracted to that woman, and every day he was in that relationship drained his soul from their incessant drama and manipulation.”

“I genuinely kind of feel this one is honest,” commented another.

The duo was last seen together on December 9 at a West Hollywood bar.