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HomeNewsAshley Olsen'marries artist lover Louis Eisner.

Ashley Olsen’marries artist lover Louis Eisner.

Ashley Olsen’marries artist lover Louis Eisner in a private ceremony,’ according to reports. Ashley Olsen reportedly married boyfriend Louis Eisner in an intimate ceremony at a private residence in Bel Air.

According to sources, Ashley Olsen has said “I Do” to artist partner Louis Eisner.

The former child actress, 36, is claimed to have married on December 28 in an intimate ceremony at a secluded Bel Air house.

According to reports, the pair wanted to keep attendance low, with only a few dozen people in attendance to witness the happy couple say their vows.

A source told Page Six the party “went late with 50 individuals or so overall”. No further information was offered as the normally discreet pair maintains their private lives out of the public eyes.

Ashley Olsen’marries artist lover Louis Eisner in a private ceremony,’ according to reports. The couple started dating in 2017, but they are rarely seen together in public. They attended their first red carpet event together in September of last year to support Louis’ father’s nonprofit organization, Young Eisner Scholars.

They officially divorced in 2015, after they married in Manhattan.

And wild rumors have been flying that the twins were the same individual. However, when Elizabeth Olsen was hooked up to a lie detector test last May, she helped to dispel that ridiculous claim.

Vanity Fair interviewed the WandaVision star, who was quizzed about the couple while hooked to the monitor.

“[British comedian John Oliver ] your sister, Mary-Kate, and Ashley, are just one person moving fast,” the interviewers said. “Does he have it right?”
“No,” Elizabeth responded.
When the reporter pressed the actress to verify her siblings were real, she replied, “They’re twins. My mother delivered both of them via C-section.

Louis shared a rare photo of the couple hiking together on social media last year.

Ashley is Mary-twin, Kate and the siblings rose to fame in the 1990s on the famous comedy Full House.

Ashley, a fashion designer, will undoubtedly hope for a happier finish to her marriage than her sister, who filed for divorce from French banker Olivier Sarkozy in May 2020. And there have been numerous photos taken over the years that reveal there are two of them in these photographs.

“And I believe the images prove it. You know, when you take a picture of newborns in various locations.”

Of course, the results demonstrated that she was telling the truth.