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HomeNewsUkraine Under Siege: Putin's Thugs Advance on Ravaged City

Ukraine Under Siege: Putin’s Thugs Advance on Ravaged City

Ukraine Under Siege: Putin’s Thugs Advance on Ravaged City

RUSSIAN troops closed in on a devastated Ukrainian city last night as thousands fled.

In the east, the intense fighting was raging around Bakhmut.

Ukraine deployed elite units in the region as Putin’s soldiers and mercenaries from the private army Wagner Group advanced in the northern suburbs, according to UK intelligence officials.

Seven miles to the west, a road leading to Chasiv Yar, the last major supply route to Bakhmut, was under constant shelling.

Deputy mayor Oleksandr Marchenko told the BBC, “Fighting and street is fighting in the city, but thanks to our armed forces, they have not yet taken control of the city.”

Regarding the Russian attack, he stated, “Their only objective is murder and the genocide of the Ukrainian people. The Russians are employing a strategy of parched land.

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I am unable to comprehend why they wish to destroy the entire city of Bakhmut.

He added, “The city is almost destroyed, and not a single structure has survived this war.”

Yesterday, as a woman and two men crossed a makeshift bridge to flee the city, Russian shells killed the woman and injured the men.

Locals were instructed to flee on foot because it was too dangerous to travel by vehicle.

Hennadiy Mazepa and his wife Natalia Ishkova remain despite the food shortage.

Natalia stated that there was no electricity, water, or gas. I pray that everyone who remains survives.”

Last month, President Zelensky stated, “No one will give up Bakhmut.” We will fight as long as we possibly can. We consider Bakhmut to be our stronghold.”

Former NATO chief of staff General Sir Richard Shirreff stated that the city has little strategic value, but that the Ukrainians have achieved strategic success by compelling the Russians to expend vast amounts of manpower and equipment.