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HomeNewsLove Island Fans Accuse Producers of Cutting Scenes Showing Islander's "Real" Side

Love Island Fans Accuse Producers of Cutting Scenes Showing Islander’s “Real” Side

Love Island Fans Accuse Producers of Cutting Scenes Showing Islander’s “Real” Side

Fans of LOVE Island have accused producers of ‘cutting’ scenes from the main show on purpose.

On Saturday’s episode of Love Island: Unseen Bits, viewers could not help but notice that Lana Jenkins is presenting herself differently.

The audience eagerly watched the weekly special edition of the reality television program to observe the islanders’ antics.

Makeup artist Lana Jenkins, age 25, was prominently featured on the program, allowing her fans to see a different side of her.

Fans of the show took to social media in their droves as they complained about Lana’s treatment by editors

Following the airing of the hilarious scenes on ITV2, viewers flooded Twitter with complaints.

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After observing Lana’s’real’s side on the compilation edition, they believed that producers were attempting to hide her personality. Lana is currently in a relationship with 25-year-old Ron Hall.

A fan wrote: “These producers are concealing Lana’s true personality from us.”

Someone else stated, “Lana is so much better at unseen parts.”

A third observer remarked, “Lana is hilarious, and it’s a crime that we don’t see her on the main show.”

Meanwhile, a fourth said, “Lana is so funny, and it’s a shame we don’t see more of her humorous side on the main show.”

Love Island viewers seemed to be entertained by the antics of Lana Jenkins

A fifth person exclaimed, “Lana’s personality is being concealed. They should include more unscripted comedic moments in the main show.”

While a sixth commented, “Ya producers are mistreating Lana on the main show.

A seventh viewer inquired, “Why don’t they feature Lana more on the main show?”

Fans believe that other Islanders, including Casey O’Gorman, 26, may have also been cut from the film.

Another viewer commented, “Casey is always hilarious in the unseen bits; if they showed this side of him during the week, I believe he would be more popular with the general public.”