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HomeNewsLove Island Fans Upset Over 'Lie' in Episode Preview

Love Island Fans Upset Over ‘Lie’ in Episode Preview

Love Island Fans Upset Over ‘Lie’ in Episode Preview

Love Island viewers were disappointed after being promised chaos in the next episode, only to find “nothing.”

Fans of Love Island 2023 expected carnage and drama on Friday night, but instead found the scenes “dull.”

Viewers complained about the most recent episode, in which the ranking challenge divided the castaways.

A video preview for Friday’s episode that aired on Thursday night hinted at significant drama and a potentially awkward scene between Ron and Shaq.

As the episode concluded, however, fans began to wonder where the chaos was and why the preview suggested something would occur.

Instead, fans deemed the challenge and episode to be “boring” and significantly less dramatic than they had been led to believe.

Viewers complained over the latest episode
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Viewers claimed they were “treated unfairly” and accused the show of “lying” about what was in store.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: “Why would they lie the night after tomorrow? #LoveIsland I believed there would be drama.”

Another concurred, stating, “Jesus, the preview on tomorrow night made this game seem so much more intense than it was…

A third fan stated, “They made the first look and preview appear as if Shaq was coming for Ron, when in fact he was merely stating what the public may believe.”

This sentiment was echoed by a fourth viewer who tweeted, “The editing is proper s**t this season bc why did yesterday’s preview look good between Shaq and Ron when it was nothing?”

Four Islanders were eliminated on Thursday night when Olivia and Maxwell chose which boy and which girl would leave the villa permanently with them.

Maya confirmed that Olivia and Maxwell were eliminated immediately, having received the fewest votes from the public.

The two then discovered that they had to bring two others home with them.

Viewers said they were “done dirty” and accused the show of “lying” to them

Therefore, Claudia, Keanan, Rosie, Casey, Tanya, and Shaq were at risk, and two of them will be sent home tonight.

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Maya elaborated: “You must now select a girl and a boy from the remaining vulnerable couples to be eliminated tonight. Please take a seat and discuss your reasons before making a decision.”

Olivia stated to Maxwell as they deliberated, “This is difficult because there are so many options.

Olivia stated, “We’ve finally reached a compromise” “This has been an extremely challenging choice for both of us. Do you keep a few that could potentially reignite the fire?

“Do you keep a boy and a girl who has not been here long enough? There were so many options we could have chosen from, making this decision extremely difficult.”

She then announced that they had decided to send Claudia and Keanan home, which meant that they were immediately dumped.

It was then time for the four Islanders to bid farewell to the remaining members of the group before leaving the show and the villa permanently.