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HomeNewsQuebec Day Care Tragedy: 2 Children Dead After Bus Crash

Quebec Day Care Tragedy: 2 Children Dead After Bus Crash

Quebec Day Care Tragedy: 2 Children Dead After Bus Crash

This afternoon, a 51-year-old bus driver was arrested and charged with homicide and careless driving after two young children were killed at a daycare center in Laval, Quebec.

Two children were killed after a bus crashed into a daycare, and the driver was arrested for murder.

The tragedy in Laval, Quebec, resulted in the injury of at least six additional children, and police erected a large perimeter around the daycare facility.

As investigations continue at the site, parents who rushed to the center were transported to a nearby elementary school.

Witnesses said they saw the driver of the bus step off the vehicle and remove his clothes before screaming.

The bus driver, a 51-year-old man, was arrested and charged with homicide and reckless driving, according to police.

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The driver has been employed by Societe de transport de Laval for approximately ten years, and his personnel file contains no incidents of note.

He stated, “There is a theory that it was an intentional act, but the investigation must confirm this.”

He further stated on Twitter: “I am stunned by these reports. The investigation continues to understand this tragic series of events. In these trying times, you have my complete support.

“Laval is wholehearted with you and will be there for you. There, I meet with the families.”

Hamdi Benchaabane, who lives close to the daycare center, stated that he and three other parents rushed to the scene and subdued the driver.

Afterward, they assisted in rescuing a child from the daycare center but were prevented from rescuing a second child by firefighters who feared the roof might collapse.

He said: “It was a nightmare, I cannot believe how horrible it was.

“After opening the bus door, the first thing he did (the bus driver) removed all of his clothing.

No words were coming out of his mouth as he screamed.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that his office was “closely monitoring the situation.”

On Twitter, he wrote: “Today, my thoughts are with the people of Laval.

“There are no words that can alleviate the pain and fear that parents, children, and employees are experiencing, but we are here for you.

“Everyone affected by this incomprehensible tragedy is in my thoughts.”

Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the Canadian government’s opposition, added: “This morning’s violent attack on a daycare bus in Laval breaks my heart.

“My heart goes out to the family members who lost loved ones in this tragedy, as well as those who were injured. No parent should ever be concerned about their child’s safety.”