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HomeNewsBritish Woman Claims Andrew Tate's Abuse in Romania

British Woman Claims Andrew Tate’s Abuse in Romania

British Woman Claims Andrew Tate’s Abuse in Romania

ANDREW TATE’s ex-girlfriend has revealed how she got a tattoo of his name.

Tate allegedly slapped, strangled, and sexually abused the anonymous British woman, only identified as Sophie, after luring her to Romania.

Sophie claimed that she was drawn in by the promise of romance after first meeting Tate on Facebook.

Tate allegedly had tight control over the former model, even “fining” her if she went out with friends without his permission.

Sophie was speaking out on the BBC radio show File on 4 at the time.

A spokesman for Tate denied all the allegations and insisted all sexual behavior was “consensual” when speaking to The Sun Online.

Sophie claims she was eventually able to escape Tate and said she was not surprised when he was arrested in Romania last year.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before they figured out what was going on,” she said.

Tate and his brother Tristan are still in jail as prosecutors and police investigate his dealings, including rape allegations against Andrew.

Sophie describes a very positive relationship with the “charming” Tate at first.

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He allegedly became controlling and violent after she moved to Romania to be with him, and she was lured into his webcam operation.

She even described being pushed to get Tate’s name tattooed on her arm.

“There was another girl who had one done, and he was sending me pictures,” she explained.

“It felt like it was something I needed to do.”

Tate would “chip away” at her until she agreed to perform for him on a webcam.

“If you love me, you’d do it; if you care about me, you’d do it,” Tate is said to have told Sophie.

Sophie claims she would do anything to keep Tate happy, but the controlling behavior and violence escalated.

“[Tate] held me up against the wall and slapped me hard, followed by ‘you w***e,'” she explained to the BBC.

Tate wanted to feel “completely in control,” she said.

Sophie claims she was determined to “please” Tate.

And she claims he used to strangle her, including once when she passed out, causing Tate to panic.

Sophie claims the relationship “broke” her mentally.

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She described how, after flying to Romania, she spent a few days with Tate, only for him to disappear in the middle of the night.

“I don’t feel like a victim; all of the decisions I made were of my own free will; he didn’t put me in a bag, throw me in the back of a lorry, and drive me there,” Sophie explained.

“But when does emotional or psychological manipulation become being forced to do something?”

Prosecutors claim Tate used the “lover boy” method to groom his alleged victims, convincing them he wanted a relationship with them before forcing them to perform on camera.

“Everyone has been in love before, everyone knows the power of that emotion and the things you do for it,” Sophie continued.

“Any kind of logic or rationale leaves your body, and you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do – and this is one of those situations.”

Tate previously boasted that he had 75 women working for him, earning him around £500,000 per month.

He cultivated an image that appealed to adolescent boys, establishing an online empire that propelled him to the top of Google searches.

He displayed expensive cars, socialized with beautiful women, and smoked cigars.

Much of the content masquerading as lifestyle advice is highly sexist and promotes violence against women.

His influence has spread alarmingly among young men and boys, with one UK MP accusing him of “brainwashing” children.


Many of his cars have now been impounded by Romanian cops, who have seized more than £3 million in assets from him.

Tate rose to prominence following a brief appearance on Big Brother.

He was fired from the reality show after an alleged video of him assaulting a woman surfaced online.

Since then, he has sparked revulsion and outrage with a flood of twisted content on the internet.

Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones has called on the UK Government to take action to combat the spread of Tate’s content, which has already been revealed by teachers.

“Schools across the UK are in crisis as the vile misogyny of online influencer Andrew Tate seeps into our classrooms and society,” Ms. Davies Jones MP said.

“Teachers are now being forced to create their resources to re-educate boys who are being brainwashed online by his deeply toxic messaging.”

Tate, who was born in Washington, DC, was banned from Twitter in 2017 for violating its terms of service with his controversial comments.

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Tate was banned from several other social media sites in August, only to be reinstated on Twitter after Elon Musk took over the company.

“Andrew denies all accusations that featured in the File on 4 documentaries on BBC Radio 4,” a spokesman for Tate said in a statement.

“The allegations of sexual violence have been taken out of context because this was mutually agreed upon by both parties.”