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TOXIC Andrew Tate


I let my 13-year-old son watch YouTube videos about his favorite video games, and 30 minutes later I made a terrifying discovery.

Despite his ban from YouTube, children are exposed to TOXIC Andrew Tate videos within 30 minutes of logging in.

Schools are fighting the influencer’s twisted views on women, but his bile can be found by watching a few unrelated clips online.

In a terrifying investigation, our reporter’s 13-year-old son created a YouTube account with no browsing history and began watching videos of his favorite games.

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He then did a short film about horror author Stephen King and a review of Sky’s post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us.

Within 29 minutes, YouTube recommended a video of Tate on a bike ride in Croatia, boasting that all you need to be happy is a “$75 million yacht, 30 hot women, and $100 million+ in the bank.”

Two more Tate shorts appeared after clicking it.

Further viewing revealed that Tate is in danger from the wealthy elite, followed by interviews in which he spews his twisted views on women.

More clicks would have immersed the 13-year-old in Tate’s perilous web.

The former kickboxer’s videos, which frequently feature luxury cars and beautiful women, have received hundreds of millions of views and are constantly duplicated, replicated, and uploaded.

“Tate maintains a terrifying grip over impressionable lads,” the 13-year-mothers old’s said. I understand why they might be drawn to Tate.

“My son is a bright child who is quickly maturing into a young man with a diverse and imaginative set of interests.

“He has got no big social media presence and we have enough trust in him to let him watch YouTube on his phone in his bedroom.

“The only other option is to make him sit in the same room as us all day, which, to be honest, isn’t appealing with a bored teen.”

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Tate, who grew up in Luton, was banned from YouTube in August, followed by TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

He and his brother Tristan were arrested last month in Romania on suspicion of sex trafficking and organized crime.

Tate is accused of pressuring women to join his sex work webcam business, with some allegedly tattooing his name on their bodies.

Tate’s lawyer denies the allegations and claims that Tate’s online persona does not reflect the real him.

The most offensive Tate videos we discovered have been removed from YouTube.