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Police Launch Intensive Search for Nicola Bulley with 500 Leads, 700 Cars Tracked

Police Launch Intensive Search for Nicola Bulley with 500 Leads, 700 Cars Tracked

Cops have revealed the scope of the “complex” search for missing mother-of-two Nicola Bulley.

Nicola, 45, was last seen around 9.15 a.m. on January 27 in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

There has been no sign of the mother since then, with search efforts intensifying on Tuesday.

Police, coastguard, and private divers have been searching for evidence in vain.

Lancashire Police revealed the details of their massive investigation last night.

Superintendent Sally Riley explained how much effort is being put into finding the missing mother.

“Right now, there are around 500 active pieces of information and lines of inquiry that they are working on to try and find answers for Nicola’s family,” she explained.

“We have a team of 40 or so detectives under a senior investigating officer working daily to comb through this enormous amount of information.

“This is normal in a missing person inquiry and does not indicate that there is any suspicious element to this story.

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“The investigation team remains completely open to any information that may point to where Nicola is or what happened to her.”

Supt Riley stated that the police have not found anything “suspicious” in Nicola’s disappearance.

“Every third party or criminal element has been investigated and discounted,” she added.

Officers are speaking with the drivers of 700 vehicles that passed through the leafy village around 9.10 a.m. on the day Nicola went missing.

The search is “complex,” according to Supt Riley because the river can be fast-moving and parts of the water are tidal.

“It remains our belief that Nicola fell into the river and that this is a missing person investigation,” she added.

It comes after the head of the specialist dive team searching for Nicola stated that she is “unlikely” to be found in the river after searching “large areas” for two days.

According to Peter Faulding of Specialist Group International (SGI), it is “impossible” that her body could have reached the sea.

“We’ve been using the high-frequency side scan sonar in this stretch today, and it’s so detailed I can see every stone of it,” he told GB News. She is not in this position.

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“We also sonar-ed on the other side of the tidal river yesterday.

“Take a football and throw it down a tidal river…when the tide goes out, the ball will go down the stream and then come back in as soon as the tide turns.

“It will return to the same location.

“It’s impossible for Nicola to get out to the sea because it’s such a long way.”

Supt Sally Riley claimed that Nicola was drawn to the water’s edge due to an “issue” with her dog Willow.

Officers revealed more about Nicola’s final movements in an update on her disappearance yesterday.

They claimed she did not leave the field where she was walking Willow via Rowanwater, either through the site or the adjacent piece of land.

Nicola also did not return to the fields along Allotment Lane or Garstang Road via the path at the back of the Grapes pub.

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Officers are now concentrating their efforts on a river path that connects the fields to Garstang Road and are appealing to drivers to come forward.

Anyone who drove down that stretch of road on that day will also receive a letter from police requesting dashcam footage.