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HomeNewsRiver Riddle Search: Emergency Response and Puzzling Dive Leader

River Riddle Search: Emergency Response and Puzzling Dive Leader

River Riddle Search: Emergency Response and Puzzling Dive Leader

A MASSIVE emergency response was seen near where Nicola Bulley went missing last night after the head of a specialist dive squad said he was “baffled” by the case.

More than ten emergency vehicles are seen parked on Shard Bridge, five miles from where the mother-of-two went missing in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

However, Lancashire Police later stated that nothing was discovered.

This morning, search teams are preparing to join cops in the search for Nicola, a 45-year-old mortgage advisor.

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Lancashire Police believe Nicola was walking her dog when she fell into the river.

Specialist Group International (SGI) scoured “large areas” of water for the mother yesterday, 10 days after she vanished.

SGI founder Peter Faulding admitted he was “baffled” by the complicated case.

“After 25 years of doing this kind of work, after hundreds of cases, I am completely baffled,” he told TalkTV.

“Normally, you’d think the divers would find them easily.

“When people drown, they usually sink where they are.

“Normally, we find them within five to ten meters of where they fell.”


He also suspects that Nicola’s phone was a ruse and that a third party may have been involved.

“The police have nothing to go on,” Peter explained.

“Right now, all they have is a mobile phone, which they say could be a decoy.”

SGI has offered their services for free to provide answers to Nicola’s family, and they are searching for her with a helicopter.

They are also searching the river with a “top of the line” 18,000kHz side scan sonar.

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Supt Sally Riley claimed that Nicola was drawn to the water’s edge due to an “issue” with her dog Willow.

Police believe the mother was walking to the river to retrieve the dog’s tennis ball when she fell in.

However, Nicola’s sister Louise Cunningham and friend Emma have both dismissed the theory.

There was “no evidence” that Nicola, from Inskip, Lancashire, fell in the water while retrieving Willow’s tennis ball, according to the pair.

Supt Riley later admitted that there was no evidence of a slip or fall near the bench where Nicola’s phone was discovered.


On the tenth day since her disappearance, Nicola’s partner released a heartbreaking voice note.

Her 12-year boyfriend, Paul Ansell, expressed how much her children miss her.

“It’s been ten days since Nicola went missing, and I have two little girls who desperately miss their mummy and need her back,” he said in a voice note.

“This has been such a tough time for the girls especially but also for me and all of Nicola’s family and friends, as well as the wider community and I want to thank them for their love and support.

“We are also really grateful to Peter and his team from SGI for coming up and helping support the work of Lancashire Police as they continue their investigation.

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“If anyone has any information that could help us find Nicola, I urge them to contact the police and assist us in providing the answers we all so desperately need.”

“We must find her alive and well. I can’t put those girls to bed without answers tonight.”

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call 101 and reference log 473 from January 27, or dial 999 for immediate sightings.