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HomeNewsOCS Hospitalised After Spearing Incident During Raid

OCS Hospitalised After Spearing Incident During Raid

OCS Hospitalised After Spearing Incident During Raid

John Misoi, the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) in Juja, was hospitalized on April 1st following an assault during a raid aimed at cracking down on the illegal alcohol trade in Gachororo, Kiambu County.

It’s been reported that Misoi headed the operation to apprehend individuals involved in the illegal sale of alcohol and drugs. During the operation, he was targeted with an arrow by unidentified attackers.

The officer reportedly suffered injuries to his leg, resulting in his hospitalization at Thika Level 5 Hospital.

Nevertheless, when addressing reporters, law enforcement authorities verified that the Officer in Charge (OCS) had been relocated to a private medical facility in Nairobi for a surgical procedure on his right leg.

Even after being moved to the private facility, the Police assured that the officer’s condition remained stable.

It was stated that during the raid, law enforcement officers successfully apprehended two kilograms of cannabis at a liquor establishment where the raid took place.

Investigations into the incident have already begun.


Nevertheless, as of the article’s publication, law enforcement had not made any arrests related to the incident.

Police officers also denounced the incident and expressed concern about the increasing insecurity in Juja. Over the last few instances, three motorcycle taxi riders have died under suspicious circumstances.

Consequently, the police warned that they would remain steadfast in their efforts to combat illegal alcohol despite the challenges encountered.

“When such an incident occurs it only strengthens our resolve even further, we are encouraged to continue with the fight against the sale of illicit alcohol and drugs,” the police maintained.

During a prior incident on March 13, a police officer was fatally struck with stones in Siaya County while carrying out a raid on illegal alcohol.

The inspector was said to have captured a suspect who resisted being taken into custody, which drew the interest of a group of unruly young people who then pelted him with stones.

OCS Hospitalised After Spearing Incident During Raid