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HomeNewsMissing MUM Mystery: Heartbreaking Birthday Photo Emerges

Missing MUM Mystery: Heartbreaking Birthday Photo Emerges

Missing MUM Mystery: Heartbreaking Birthday Photo Emerges

A HEARTWRENCHING photo of Nicola Bulley celebrating her birthday before her disappearance has surfaced.

45-year-old Nicola was photographed smiling while holding a pink balloon with “happy birthday” written on it.

In the photograph, the mother of two is surrounded by presents, greeting cards, and a cake.

Nicola shared the photo on social media and thanked everyone for their “love” on her special day.

The mortgage consultant stated that she had a busy day at work, but was now enjoying “a cheeky birthday prosecco.”

It comes as the search for Nicola enters its twelfth arduous day.

The mother celebrated her 45th birthday in October and posted photos to Facebook.

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She wrote on her business page Nicola Bulley – Mortgage Adviser, “Today is my birthday and it’s been a busy work day!

“Thank you to all who have sent me birthday greetings, gifts, and cards! I am experiencing love.”

Nicola thanked the real estate agency Love Homes for the “lovely” gift of bath bombs and body wash.

In the post, which was filled with emojis, the mother wrote, “I’m finally enjoying a cheeky birthday Prosecco.”

Nicola was last seen on January 27 at approximately 9:15 a.m. in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

Since then, she has vanished without a trace.

Police and volunteers have searched land and water without success to locate Nicola.

A scuba diving expert searching the river stated earlier today that his team’s efforts will conclude by sunset.

Peter Faulding stated that every effort has been made to locate Nicola.

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Nevertheless, he stated that police are now focusing their efforts further downstream.

Police have revealed that there is a “possibility” the mother left the river path on foot.

They indicated that a specific area was not covered by CCTV.

Paul Ansell, Nicola’s distraught partner, visited the scene on Wednesday.

He spent ten minutes walking along the riverbank adjacent to the bench where the mother’s phone was discovered, still connected to a work Teams call.

Since Nicola’s disappearance, The Sun Online has published a comprehensive timeline detailing various events and clues.