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HomeNewsEpsom College Head's Tragic End at Hands of Husband

Epsom College Head’s Tragic End at Hands of Husband

Epsom College Head’s Tragic End at Hands of Husband

Emma Pattison, head of Epsom College, hosted a final dinner party with her husband George the night before he fatally shot his wife and daughter, aged seven, before turning the gun on himself.

Ms. Pattison, 45, became the first female head of the prestigious independent school just five months ago. She moved to the college with her daughter, Lettie, while her husband, George, 39, remained in their previous £1.5 million Caterham home until its sale closed.

Sunday at approximately 1:10 a.m., the family was discovered dead in their residence on the school grounds, according to police.

The couple reportedly hosted a dinner party for friends just hours before the brutal attack, with ‘no indication’ that anything was amiss.

Throughout the evening, Mr. Pattison reportedly did not exhibit any signs of distress or anxiety.

A family friend told the Sun, “On Saturday night, they hosted a dinner party.” It was a very intimate affair that turned out to be their final meal.

Nothing extraordinary occurred. There were no disagreements and no indications that he would commit such a heinous act shortly thereafter.

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Before the keys were handed over to the new owners last month, neighbors say Mr. Pattison had been “flitting between” their old house and the property in Epsom.

Only then did he move into the family’s new home with his wife Emma and their seven-year-old daughter Lettie.

Ms. Pattison made a distressing phone call to her sister Deborah Kirk in the early hours of Sunday morning, mere minutes before she was fatally shot.

Ms. Kirk immediately jumped into a car and drove to Surrey college, but she arrived too late and discovered her body, along with those of her husband and Lettie.

The Surrey Police Department has confirmed that they believe Mr. Pattison shot and killed his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself and that no third party was involved.

Surrey Police has referred the triple shooting to the independent watchdog after it was discovered that they had been in contact with Mr. Pattison days prior.

The murderer had been a licensed shotgun owner for many years, and officers had called him last Thursday to inspect the storage of his firearm. No officers visited the location.

The Home Office stipulates that gun owners must notify the police of any address change as soon as they relocate.

A Caterham neighbor of the family told MailOnline: ‘What happened at the school is horrifying. When they resided here, I never heard any arguments or similar sounds.

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They appeared to have everything: a nice house, good jobs, and a substantial amount of money.

In addition to driving a BMW, George also owned a Jaguar XR and an Audi S5. They had also spent a great deal of money renovating the house.

When they first moved in, the house had a shabby, granny-style appearance, but they expanded the kitchen, landscaped the backyard, and improved the front of the house.

Emma was very pleasant and charming. She would converse through the fence.

George was much more reserved and introverted.

‘He appeared older than 39; he appeared and behaved as if he were approaching 50, not 40. His attire resembled that of a country gentleman.

Over the past year or so, I rarely observed him going to work. I believe he may have done some work from home, but I had the impression he had a great deal of free time.

I’d see him through the window drinking red wine in his newly expanded kitchen.

Yesterday, Emma’s close friend Helen Walker, 43, posted a photograph of Mrs. Pattison and her daughter playing on the beach in Walberswick, Suffolk, four years ago.

Please keep this image in mind when you hear or read the tragic news about my dear friend and her beautiful daughter. Do not consider them to be the victims of a cowardly man.

Imagine them paddling in the sun on Walberswick Beach in Suffolk in late August. Emma Pattison, your light will never cease to shine.

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“We miss you both and love you very much. I hope my mother is in heaven to greet you and give you a massive hug on our behalf.’

Mrs. Walker later edited her post to remove references to a “cowardly man” to shift the emphasis to positive memories of her friend.

She stated from her residence, “It should be about her.” I do not wish to speculate in any way about him. I want the reader to imagine her and her daughter in a happy setting.

Internally and externally, she was the most utterly beautiful person in the world. She was truly awe-inspiring. Lettie was also beautiful.

In 2016, Mr. Pattison, a chartered accountant, was the sole director of the management consulting firm Tanglewood, according to financial records.

According to the financial statements for the fiscal year ending in October 2021, he recently obtained a loan of £14,076 as a director.

Documents from the Land Registry revealed that a mortgage was taken out on the family’s four-bedroom Caterham home in January of last year, eight years after they purchased it for approximately £600,000.

Ms. Pattison told a student podcast in December that the move had been “a really big change for my family,” adding, “I’ve got a new job, my husband got a new job, which wasn’t supposed to happen but did, and my daughter has started a new school.”

Officers confirmed yesterday that a firearm registered and licensed to Mr. Pattison was recovered from the principal’s residence following the murder.

They stated that their phone conversation with him regarding his address change a few days prior was “routine.”

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Due to the short period between that contact and this incident, we have referred the matter to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).

According to the police, the incident is now being investigated as a homicide. The exact cause of the deaths reported to the local coroner will not be determined until postmortem examinations are conducted.

Officers are currently attempting to reconstruct the exact sequence of events leading up to the tragedy, but they remain confident that no third party was involved.

Detective Chief Inspector Kimball Edey stated, “We are fully cooperating with the IOPC in regards to the referral we have made, and we are awaiting the outcome of its assessment to determine if further action is necessary.”

Inspector Jon Vale, borough commander for Epsom and Ewell, stated that the force was “confident that this incident was contained to a single address and that there is no threat to the general public.”

A spokesman for the Independent Office for Police Conduct stated, “We have received a referral from Surrey police regarding an incident that occurred in Epsom on February 5, as an officer from the force had contact with Mr. Pattison last week.”

We are evaluating the available data to determine what, if any, additional steps may be required of us.

George Pattison was a chartered accountant who loved fast cars. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2011, he wed Mrs. Pattison.

In response to the apparent murder-suicide, the school announced last night that it would be closed until the end of the half-term breaks the following week.

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The decision to finish early for the half-term was communicated to parents via email earlier today.

The acting head, Paul Williams, stated that it was time for families to “come together and attempt to process this shocking news.”

He wrote, “The shock and horror of recent days have been unprecedented.” The impact on your children cannot be overstated, and we are doing everything possible to assist them in any way they require.’