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HomeNewsLove Island's Kaz Crossley set to be freed from Dubai jail

Love Island’s Kaz Crossley set to be freed from Dubai jail

Love Island’s Kaz Crossley set to be freed from Dubai jail

Kaz Crossley will be released from her Dubai jail cell after “fully cooperating” with authorities.

Monday at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the 28-year-old fashion and beauty influencer was detained on suspicion of drug offenses.

Kaz was apprehended while she was en route to a flight to Thailand.

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates are reportedly still investigating a two-year-old video of her snorting a suspicious white substance at a party.

The footage was filmed during a lockdown as British influencers fled to Dubai to evade restrictions, and The Sun revealed it on Sunday.

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Kaz, who placed third on Love Island in 2018 and will appear on the upcoming The Challenge on Channel 5, was arrested on Monday.

Today, her representative confirmed that she will be released from prison four days after being incarcerated.

“Kaz has fully cooperated with officials and is free to continue her journey,” they told The Sun.

The representative explained: “Kaz was traveling through Abu Dhabi on her way to Thailand when she was stopped by UAE police and detained for questioning regarding a matter that is not directly related to her, but officials believed she could assist in their investigations.”

Previously, a source told The Sun, “She was looking forward to returning to Thailand, where she had been performing volunteer work, but now she is languishing in a Dubai jail.”

“She was only in Abu Dhabi to catch a connecting flight, but her name has raised a red flag.”

She was only permitted to send one email and could not even make a phone call.

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She messaged a friend whose email address she could recall and asked her to notify her family that she was safe but had been arrested for drug offenses. Her arrest was not due to anything she was carrying.

As far as we can tell, everything is due to that video.

In the clip, rumored to have been filmed in Dubai in November 2020 while the United Kingdom was on lockdown, Kaz is seen in an orange dress bending over a side table that appears to contain chunky lines of powder.

A shocked witness remarked, “Kaz was running with a particularly rowdy party crowd.

She is certainly not as pristine as she portrays herself to be online.

Under recently modified drug laws in Dubai, first-time offenders face a minimum of three months in jail and a fine between £4,559 (AED 20,000) and £22,799 (GBP 4,559; US $22,799). (AED 100,000).

According to experts, ex-pats convicted of drug use are typically deported back to their home countries after serving jail time.

A spokesperson for the FCDO stated, “We are providing consular assistance to a British national who was detained in the United Arab Emirates and are in contact with the local authorities.”

Kaz had spent the majority of last year performing volunteer work in Thailand.

Her most recent Instagram post was published in Dublin on Sunday.