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HomeNewsLove Island Star's Terrifying Ordeal in Dubai Jail After Drugs Arrest

Love Island Star’s Terrifying Ordeal in Dubai Jail After Drugs Arrest

Love Island Star’s Terrifying Ordeal in Dubai Jail After Drugs Arrest

Kaz Crossley, star of LOVE Island, was released from a hellhole prison last night and said, “It was the scariest experience of my life.”

Kaz, 28 years old, disclosed to her friends that she was detained in the United Arab Emirates with 30 other women for several days.

She was released after being questioned about an old video of her snorting a substance.

The frightened reality television star recounted to a friend how she had been held captive for days in 30°C heat, confused and terrified.

She was scheduled to depart the United Arab Emirates last night after her ordeal in prison was finally over.

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She was immediately detained and questioned by Dubai police about a two-year-old video.

The footage, which was published, showed her in an orange dress snorting a white substance of unknown origin at a party in Dubai.

As UAE authorities lacked a translator, she had no idea why she was being detained and was only permitted to send one monitored email to a friend informing them of her detention.

Love Island Star’s Terrifying Ordeal in Dubai Jail After Drugs Arrest. Kaz told a friend, “They did not provide me with an attorney or a qualified translator. I was unable to even take a shower.

“I was locked up with thirty other women and had no idea why I was there for days; no one assisted me.” It was the most frightening experience I’ve ever had.

The friend added, “She’s very shaken up; she was having the worst possible thoughts.”

“You hear stories of Brits being imprisoned for years and years in these nations for drug-related offenses.

She did not have any drugs on her, but she was associated with another person the police are investigating from a previous trip, which led to her arrest.

Kaz was eventually able to sit down with the police and assist them with their investigation in every way.

Then, she was released without charge.

The friend continued, “She is extremely relieved. She could not wait to reach the airport and depart.

This is an experience she will never forget.

The show could have faced at least three months in jail and a £5,000 fine if charged and found guilty.

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The friend added, “Essentially, she was left alone; her management team attempted to get her assistance, but the Foreign Office was initially told she wasn’t there.

Eventually, officials appeared to locate her and explain a portion of the situation.

Yesterday, when The Sun approached Kaz at the Abu Dhabi police station, she was too overcome with emotion to speak.

Her identity was flagged upon entry into the UAE.

From the airport, she was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai police headquarters.

At 4 p.m. on Thursday, she was transferred to the Deportation of Violators Section at Dubai International Airport, where she was held in another cell before her departure.

The gloomy structure has 30-foot-tall walls topped with rusty barbed wire. It is enclosed by 20-foot-tall green fencing with additional barbed wire.

One woman was spotted outside the building in floods of tears, while others went to visit their loved ones.

Yesterday, Kaz was returned to the Abu Dhabi police station to complete paperwork and answer any remaining questions.

She was wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with Watthana, the name of the club she supports that teaches children Muay Thai, with pink pants and white sneakers.

The reality star, who wore her hair in a bun, carried a transparent bag containing an iPhone and was accompanied by two security guards.

The police stated that they will transport Kaz to the airport, where she will be free to leave the country.

They confirmed she was innocent of any crime.

In 2018, Kaz placed third on ITV2’s Love Island, and she will soon appear on Channel 5’s The Challenge.

She spent the majority of last year performing volunteer work in Thailand.

It is believed that she was on her way to a Thai charity when she was apprehended.