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HomeNewsLove Island Club's Noise Nuisance Causes Hellish Life in Village

Love Island Club’s Noise Nuisance Causes Hellish Life in Village

Love Island Club’s Noise Nuisance Causes Hellish Life in Village

The noise emanating from a Love Island-favorite nightclub, according to RESIDENTS, is making their lives intolerable.

The Cave Hotel in Faversham, Kent is popular with celebrities such as Jesy Nelson of Little Mix, Jack Fincham of Love Island, and ex-glamour model Katie Price.

However, residents of nearby Boughton-under-Blean have complained that the hotel’s glam parties are disturbing the tranquility of their village.

John Perfect, a retired scientist who resides in Boughton, stated, “It impacts a large number of villagers.”

“I can hear it when I return home late at night or am in the backyard.

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“I can hear it from half a mile away, but my friends who live closer are extremely disturbed.”

Love Island Club’s Noise Nuisance Causes Hellish Life in Village. Locals feared this would occur when, in October of last year, the hotel was granted an unlimited occupancy license.

The new license also authorized the 24-hour service of alcoholic beverages to hotel guests via room service or mini-bars.

It was granted despite over fifty community objections.

Four months later, villagers are concerned that fewer outdoor events are held at the hotel during the winter months as a result of the change.

They fear that the situation will rapidly deteriorate come summer.

Ann Webster, 66, who lives above the village hair salon she owns and operates, stated, “I still hear it quite frequently. On certain weekends, late at night, the bass from the music can be extremely irritating.

“To be fair, I haven’t heard it so often recently. Winter is upon us, so I believe we are currently less likely to do so, and we also spend less time outdoors.

“Perhaps as the weather warms, we’ll hear it more often. Time alone will tell”

Kate Hannah, who works with Ann and resides nearby, concurred and reported hearing complaints from several villagers.


John Garner, 75, said he hadn’t heard anything new recently, but that the New Year’s Eve music and fireworks had “impacted” him.

He added, “The thing is, in the summer I believe there are numerous weddings held in tents. They play music until 11 p.m. so that it is more noticeable.

“This is the primary issue, and it’s causing unrest in the local community.

“The summer was exceptionally bad. It was constantly playing extremely loud music late at night, which was particularly annoying.”

Another villager, who wished to remain anonymous and who resides close to the hotel, described how the noise has affected them.

They said, “When they play loud music, the entire village is filled with noise.” During the summer, it is particularly annoying when we are sitting outside.

“It is generally bearable at the moment. A little bit of courtesy on their part would go a long way, but with a bit more control over everything, it should be fine even in the summer.”

Tim Valentine of the Green Party has been representing the villagers in his ward and discussing their complaints with them.

He stated, “At that time, residents had contacted me with noise complaints, and I attended the hearing to relay their concerns.

“It appears that the hotel has been adhering to the conditions stipulated during the licensing hearing. I have not received any complaints from residents since the October meeting.

“As far as I’m concerned, the issue is currently resolved, but I’d be more than happy to revisit it if any residents contact me to say they’re still experiencing issues.”

Contact has been made with The Cave Hotel for comment.