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‘Leave Charlene alone,’ urges Ruto

‘Leave Charlene alone,’ urges Ruto on ‘Office of the First Daughter.’

President William Ruto has defended his daughter Charlene, saying that she was delighted about being the child of a sitting president when she referred to her duty as that of the ‘Office of the First Daughter’.

Charlene has come under fire in recent weeks after declaring herself to be the holder of the ‘Office of the First Daughter.’

“Please leave Charlene alone. These are children, and they are simply being children. So you’re well aware that there is no such office,” Ruto said during a joint TV appearance at the State House on Wednesday night.

NTV’s James Smart playfully requested the president to point out the location of the office.

“That’s hilarious,” the president replied, “This a girl just trying to be herself at her leisure. Her buddies are suggesting that we do this and that. She’s fine; she’s just William Ruto’s daughter, and sometimes she can’t tell the difference between the President and her father.”

In December, the first daughter drew criticism for introducing her delegation in Tanzania as part of the Office of the First Daughter’s personnel.

She was speaking to participants at the East African Community Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania, at 2022 You Lead Summit.

“Before I continue, I wanted to quickly introduce my Kenyan colleagues. So I’ll begin from the beginning. This is Mike Sagana, a member of my team. He’s a politician and my team’s primary advisor. And this is Jermaine Momanyi, the head of commerce and investments at the first daughter’s office…” Charlene Ruto began.

Some audience members couldn’t stop laughing in disbelief.

“…I’m not sure what’s funny,” Charlene replied in response to the audience’s laughter.

The third born in the first family later come out to defend her statements on the ‘Office of the First Daughter’.

Charlene stated in a statement that the office exists, but as a private corporation.

“The First Daughter’s Office is a private organization. It is not a constitutional office, and it is not supported by Kenyan taxpayers. “The office exists solely to facilitate the activities and programs of Ms. Charlene Ruto,” according to the statement.

She noted that the office has engaged numerous actors around the country and beyond through its independent structure and facilitators, in keeping with some of its aims of advocating youth-based agendas and climate change advocacy.

“The First Daughter’s Office has always engaged in good faith to ensure that Kenyan youth have a voice and access to opportunities to enable sustainable livelihoods.”

The Kenyan Constitution makes no mention of an office called the Office of the First Daughter.