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HomeNews"Fury Unleashed: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Rivalry Intensifies"

“Fury Unleashed: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Rivalry Intensifies”

“Fury Unleashed: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Rivalry Intensifies”

AKE PAUL and Tommy Fury were separated as they faced each other for the first time before their fight.

The pair of celebrity boxing rivals have announced that their grudge match will be rescheduled for February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

And Paul went to London to face Fury ahead of Anthony Yarde’s light-heavyweight title defense against Artur Beterbiev.

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The two came face to face, exchanging fiery words, and had to be separated before tempers flared.

Fury, who is 23 years old, stated: “He’ll never box again after the 26th of February because this s*** has been going on for far too long.

“I’m not 50, I’m not 40, I’m not an MMA fighter; I’ve been doing this my entire life, and I swear to God you’ll be done by the 26th of February.

“He’s fought taxi drivers, he’s got no chin, it’s all a joke,” Paul, 26, responded. I’m leaving you on February 26th, and you’re already aware of it.

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“You’re going to crack under pressure, you’re not built for this moment. You’re an impostor; it’s all bluster and phony confidence.”

With a rib injury in December 2021 and a US visa issue last August, Fury has backed out of fighting Paul twice.

The travel problem is still present today, and it has led the duo to the Saudi desert.

In his 6-0 career, Paul has knocked out ex-MMA champions Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

However, Fury (8-0) will be his first opponent with a recognized professional boxing record.

“I’ve beaten better people than you when I was 14 in amateurs,” he told Paul. I’ll teach you. I’m not into MMA.

“I used to beat people better than you when I was 14 when you were messing around on Disney Channel, so don’t come around here pretending you’re into it when you’re not.”

If Fury loses, his heavyweight champion brother has warned him to drop their famous surname and stay in the Middle East.

“He’s going to get knocked out by a Disney star, plain and simple,” Paul joked.

“You’ll see who the genuine professional boxer is. All these naysayers, all these people who say, ‘Fight a real boxer.’ Let’s get started.

“Tommy has so much to lose that his family will disown him if I knock him the f*** out, plain and simple.

“I’m sorry, Tyson, but it’s over for your brother.”