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HomeNews"Akon under fire for gender role comments"

“Akon under fire for gender role comments”

“Akon under fire for gender role comments”

The musician incites outrage by claiming that “woman can never be compared to man.”

His remarks about gender equality sparked criticism.

He has urged women to stand by men.

Akon’s comment that “men are kings” has gone viral on the internet. He was a guest on The Joe Budden Podcast, where he discussed gender roles in Africa versus America.

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The “Lonely” singer appeared on the podcast in December, but the video only recently surfaced.

Men, according to the singer, are “the divine kings of the universe,” according to the podcast.

The singer also claimed that while women need a man to create life, men do not, and could have a child by putting their sperm in an “incubator”.

“Let me explain the science,” he said. “A man can create life without a woman right now, but a woman cannot create life without a man. If I wanted to do it right now, I would shoot my sperm and place it in an incubator for nine months, possibly less with today’s technology, and a baby would be born.”

In comparison to other countries, women in Africa, according to the singer, treat their men like Kings. “We’re gods, the ones who create life,” he explained. The women [there] treat you as if you are a man, a king.”

Akon, a Senegalese-American musician, added, “They are not competing with you or fighting for equality because they recognize that men and women can never be equal. They are aware of their responsibilities.”

“The roles are very defined and very clean there; here [in the US], even if I say, ‘play your role and you play mine,’ they say, ‘What the f**k do you mean play my role? ‘What is your role?’… In Africa, the woman plays the role of the woman. Her role as a woman is to support the man.

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Men are the kings and divines of this universe; a woman can never compare.”

He went on to say that women were designed to do more emotional labor throughout their lives. “God instilled love, emotions, and compassion in a woman,” he explained.

“This is why women are so quick to catch feelings, why they can endure so much pain and still be there, that loyalty comes naturally,” Akon added. At this point in the interview, he stated that “a woman’s role is to support the man.” “.

His opinion is based on his observations of gender roles. “The men, we are the kings and the divine of this universe,” he continued, insisting that America could benefit from this knowledge.

“They have to understand that in America,” he went on. “Men in America are afraid of their power…”

Akon defended Nick Cannon in 2022, saying the father of 12 was correct to impregnate multiple women and revealing that he is in a polygamous relationship.