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HomeNewsConfession of Ivy Wangechi's Killer: Naftali Kinuthia's Forever Regret

Confession of Ivy Wangechi’s Killer: Naftali Kinuthia’s Forever Regret

Confession of Ivy Wangechi’s Killer: Naftali Kinuthia’s Forever Regret

Naftali Kinuthia, the suspect who fatally hacked medical student Ivy Wangeci, confessed to her murder on Friday.
Kinuthia says he regrets the incident and was overcome with rage over what he termed a failed romantic relationship.

“This is an event that I will always regret. After contemplation and reflection, I concluded that it would not have occurred, as there were numerous ways to avoid the situation without causing the death of an innocent person “Kinuthia testified in court.

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“Since that day, I’ve felt cut off from society, as killing a person is unacceptable in our culture.”

Kinuthia, who revealed that his father died of lung disease while he was incarcerated, lamented how the death of their relative may have affected Ivy’s family.

“All this time I have been incarcerated… I was informed that my father suffered from lung disease and died while I was incarcerated “He asserted.

“Losing a person is a difficult experience, and I feel bad for the victim’s family. We could do anything that could be done at this time.”

Wangechi was hacked to death in broad daylight on April 9, 2019, outside the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.
Kinuthia, who had previously denied killing her and was then 28 years old, is said to have arrived from Nairobi armed with an axe and a knife.

According to reports, he lured her out of class and struck her with the axe before slitting her throat.

The suspect at the time told Ali Kingi, the head of the DCI in Eldoret East, that he brutally took the life of his alleged lover, Wangechi, as a result of heartbreak caused by repeated disappointments.

He claimed that he had invested both money and emotions in the woman, but his affection and generosity were not reciprocated as expected.

On April 18, 2019, Wangechi was laid to rest in Mahiga, Nyeri County.