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8 Fascinating Insights into Diamond Platnumz’s Life and Career

8 Fascinating Insights into Diamond Platnumz’s Life and Career

With over 21 awards, Diamond Platnumz is the most decorated East African musician.

Diamond Platnumz has built his brand from the ground up, and he continues to do so by sharing ambassadorial positions and personal projects on his social media platforms.

Diamond was raised in a modest household, but there is more to this story that his fans do not know.

8 Fascinating Insights into Diamond Platnumz’s Life and Career. Here are some unknown facts about the Bongo Flava celebrity.

He sold his mother’s ring to record music.
Diamond Platnumz is currently one of the wealthiest musicians in East Africa and Africa, having overcome numerous obstacles when he first began singing.

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Diamond revealed on November 17, 2018, that he had to sell his mother’s ring to fund his studio session. The price of the session was Tsh70,000 (Sh3K).

The session’s outcome was disappointing, as his songs performed poorly.


After completing his primary education, Diamond Platnumz worked as a photographer to support himself.

The Bongo Flava star worked a variety of odd jobs to make a living, and he once revealed that he also sold used clothing when times were tough.

In addition to selling used clothing, Diamond also worked as a gas station attendant.

Collaboration expenditures

Diamond worked diligently to establish his brand, and according to rumors, he charges millions of dollars to anyone interested in collaborating with him.

Akothee once stated that he paid Diamond Sh1.5 million for a collaboration on the hit song ‘Sweet Love,’ which has 10 million YouTube views. The recording was made seven years ago.

Now that we’re in 2023, you can probably guess how much he charges for collaborations.

Is Diamond the wealthiest artist in East Africa?

Diamond Platnumz was the second-wealthiest East African artist until December 2022, when he surpassed Uganda’s Bobi Wine. This was even though he had won numerous global awards and collaborated on numerous hit songs with other top artists.

According to rumors, Diamond’s net worth is Sh700 million while Bobi Wine’s is Sh650 million.

Daily Schedule

Every morning at 3:00 a.m., Diamond exercises to clear his mind before beginning his day.

Once, Diamond shared a video of his routine in which he worked out at the gym as early as 3 a.m.

Platnumz finished his workout, ate breakfast, and then went straight to the studio where his producer was waiting.

Diamond stated that being him is not easy after sharing the video.

What Diamond costs for a performance

Diamond is currently reaping the benefits of his labor. Diamond charges Sh300K for a performance in Tanzania, but Sh2.5 million for a performance in Kenya.

Diamond was compensated Sh10 million to perform during the final campaign for Azimio in August 2022. He only performed for 12 minutes.

2014 honors ledger

In 2014, Diamond Platnumz made headlines for winning more than six awards throughout the year. He was the first artist from East Africa to do so.

Won Most Talented Newcomer, Most Talented East, and Most Talented Afro Pop at the Chanel O Music Video Awards.

Top Ten Tube Music Awards – Best East African Artist Winner

Future Africa Awards – Won Entertainment Award

Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards

African Muzik Magazine Awards – Best East Africa Male Winner

Best Male Artist, Best Male Writer, Best Male Entertainer of the Year, Best Collaboration Song, Best Afro Pop Song, Best Music Video, and Song of the Year at the Tanzania Music Awards.


Diamond Platnumz did not complete his studies, despite receiving an honorary degree from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2014.

The award resulted from Diamond’s global promotion of Tanzanian art and culture.