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You’ll compromise courts, Raila warns CJ Koome against talks with Ruto

You’ll compromise courts, Raila warns CJ Koome against talks with Ruto

Azimio leader Raila Odinga asserts that Chief Justice Martha Koome engaging in discussions with President William Ruto will signify the initiation of a compromised Judiciary.

In Vihiga, Raila emphasized that there is no requirement for the Judicial Service Commission to engage in discussions with Ruto.

He observed that there is an ongoing legal matter currently under consideration by the court, which the Executive has contested, and a decision is scheduled to be announced on January 25.

He mentioned that the legal system also provides an opportunity for appeal if someone is dissatisfied with the verdict of the court.

“Chief Justice Martha Koome says she wants to dialogue with Ruto. That will mark the start of compromising. There is no need for the Judiciary to hold talks with Ruto. The law says that if you disagree with a court decision you appeal,” Raila said on Tuesday.

The ex-Prime Minister mentioned that Koome has already adopted a stance on the issue, and engaging in discussions would only worsen the courts’ compromised position.

Raila stated that if Koome proceeded with the discussions, she would be jeopardizing the nation.

“We want to tell the Chief Justice not to compromise the position of the courts. She already took a position and there is no need for negotiations,” Raila said.

“If you want to compromise the judiciary and negotiate with the executive over this kind of dispute, then we are saying you are yourself going to compromise this country.”


Raila urged Kenyans to steadfastly defend the autonomous institutions established by the Kenyan Constitution.

On Monday, Koome proposed discussions between the Judicial Service Commission and the President regarding his recent allegations that judicial officers are collaborating to impede his initiatives.

Koome mentioned that the Judiciary has reached out to President Ruto, expressing a desire to meet and understand the origins of his grievances against the Judiciary.

While affirming that the President has not lodged any complaints with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), the Chief Justice stated that the Judiciary is prepared to examine the issues raised by the President regarding certain officers within the system, whom he has openly accused of corruption.

“He might have received information because we have various machinery and agencies for collecting information and we would like to engage him so that he can give us that information.

“So we will be looking out for that dialogue, we have written and I believe that the President is going to give us an appointment,” Koome said in a press conference on Monday.

You’ll compromise courts, Raila warns CJ Koome against talks with Ruto