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The Instant Relief for Overwhelming Emotions.

The Instant Relief for Overwhelming Emotions. Some people are quite good at recognizing their emotions and controlling them.
This is the outcome of an upbringing in which the parents supported emotional expression.

As a result, some of us were trained to suppress our feelings because other people had it much worse off than we did. However, others of us did not have this luxury.

But what would you do if you were unable to control your overwhelming emotions?

Like me, perhaps you find yourself screaming at people or stuffing your face with comfort foods that make you feel bad and ashamed.
You turn to stuff to numb your emotions because you lack the skills to deal with them.
That might entail dining out each night of the week for dinner or that commitment that you are unable to break because at least you are not by yourself.

We keep emotions in our bodies.
There needs to be a release for all that rage and bitterness.
Me, my throat tightens.
Above my navel, I feel as though I have an open wound.
I want some chocolate to make me feel better.

If you don’t let go of your emotions, they fester inside of you and eventually become a sickness.
It’s essential to get it out of your system because of this.
Even if you feel silly or that it won’t make a difference, you must feel your emotions.

The quick and easy method

It’s referred to as kundalini meditation.

I refer to it as “shaking” You must do that action.

Animals in the wild do this, for instance, after avoiding a lion assault.
They shake ferociously before moving on.

It’s a great way to let go of any pent-up tension from the day or if someone or something has triggered you.

Here is the procedure.

Allow one minute (the time if you want to).

Open your eyes, relax your shoulders, and stand up.


Make your body move.

Don’t hold yourself back.
Embrace letting go.
Shake things up.

Keep trembling.

Continue to shake.

At first, it can seem strange, but keep going.

Okay, we have ten seconds left.



Eyes closed, pay attention to the feelings.

Normally, I experience tingling over my entire body.
It’s as if the tension is completely released.
I’m fired up and prepared to continue.

What do you think?
When you’re next alone, frustrated, and just want to let some steam off, use this strategy.