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Signs Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder

Signs Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder . Do you ever feel confined around someone who has a borderline personality disorder? 

What I mean by being “trapped”, is when someone demands specific things from you while simultaneously claiming they don’t have a problem and that YOU are the one who is the issue.

BPD could be the unidentified elephant in the room that makes you feel as though you’re going crazy or that you’re always being thrown in a blender

Here are 4 techniques to determine whether your partner may have borderline personality disorder:

1.Every day, they make a new demand for you.

Signs Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder.

It could be a request for anything that has to do with you—your time, your energy, even your thoughts—because, as we mentioned earlier, you are the issue. 

And you might want to comply with their requests to maintain a positive relationship with them and make them happy. 

Does it operate? 

Possibly for a brief period, but they soon make another demand.

2.Sex acts as a money

Sex turns into this fantastic currency where they can buy anything they desire. 

Sex becomes a commodity, and frequently sex is quite enjoyable. 

However, even if the sex is fantastic, the issue is that even if you feel as though you are connecting with your spouse when having sex, you are not. 

As a result, sex may become even more addicting even though it isn’t the kind of connection you are seeking, you feel appreciated.

3.They frequently portray themselves as having all the cards.

They are in authority, and you must comply with their wishes

Funny thing is, when you’re around someone who has BPD and doesn’t have it yourself, you start to convince yourself that what they are doing or saying is right and that they do have the upper hand. 

However, to a certain extent, they are in charge since while knowing the relationship is doomed from the start, you are still hanging on.

4.They insist that you cut off relationships with others in your life.

You might hear from them that they can’t talk to your parents or pals since they are awful people. 

They can claim that your child irritates them and that they are unable to be around them anymore. 

They then advise you to tell your parents not to visit or to keep your child away from them. 

Even if you are aware it is not what you want to accomplish, you still want to try to win their favor.

Last but not least, understand that you cannot assist someone if they are unwilling to accept assistance or even admit that they have a problem.

We frequently desire to intervene and rescue someone who is in pain or about to reach their lowest point. 

But if you’re drowning, no one can save you. 

You may adore them, but is that enough? Is love truly returned?

The first step towards saving yourself is to learn to love yourself. 

You have to realize that if you truly loved someone, you wouldn’t put up with that kind of conduct. 

If you truly love yourself, you might have to love them from a distance and accept that sometimes you have to cut ties with others when they won’t accept aid for themselves.