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HomeNewsShowdown Ahead: Kenyans Plan to Occupy Parliament Over Finance Bill

Showdown Ahead: Kenyans Plan to Occupy Parliament Over Finance Bill

Showdown Ahead: Kenyans Plan to Occupy Parliament Over Finance Bill

As MPs gear up to discuss and vote on the controversial Finance Bill, 2024 on Tuesday, Kenyans are also preparing to stage a sit-in at Parliament buildings to protest the proposed new taxes.

A recent Infotrak survey revealed that a significant 87 percent of Kenyans oppose the revenue-raising measures suggested in the Bill.

Dissatisfied Kenyans are now using social media, under the hashtag ‘Reject Finance Bill,’ to spread awareness and gather enough support to ensure a strong turnout at Parliament on a critical day.

“Citizens, rise against over taxation. Reject Finance Bill 2024,” states a poster circulating on X.

After concluding public hearings on the proposed taxes, the National Assembly’s Finance Committee, led by Molo MP Kuria Kimani, withdrew on Wednesday to draft a report on the Bill, which is expected to be presented in Parliament the following Tuesday.

As the committee finalizes its report, the organizers of the Occupy Parliament campaign are rallying support to ensure their voices are heard during the MPs’ debate and vote on the Bill.

Aware that police will likely be deployed to disperse the gathering, they have advised attendees to come prepared for potential confrontations.

“Carry a placard, handkerchief, and bottle of water,” the poster advises.

Protesters often bring water bottles and handkerchiefs to mitigate the effects of teargas, which can be alleviated by rinsing the eyes with water.

The organizers of the peaceful protest have asked people to start gathering from noon, with a dress code of black.

“We shall gather to keep vigil as members of Parliament vote at 2:30 pm. IG Koome to provide police to protect us as he respects Article 37 of the Constitution: The right to protest and picket,” they said.


During the presentation of the Sh3.92 trillion 2024-25 Budget estimates in Parliament on Thursday, Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u outlined several tax measures the government aims to implement to raise Sh2.92 trillion locally.

Although the government made minor adjustments and removed some tax proposals like the 16% VAT on bread, Kenyans remain resolute.

They demand that all proposed taxes be entirely scrapped.

Kenyans have petitioned Members of Parliament on social media, urging them to reject the Bill once it is tabled in the House.

“We sent you to the Parliament to represent our interests. We don’t want this punitive Bill. Kindly vote against it when it is presented,” a user named Timothy Kioko messaged his Embakasi East MP, James Mawathe.

The Opposition ODM has also rallied its members in the House, instructing MPs to cancel any engagements that would require them to be outside Nairobi on the day of the debate.

In a letter to all MPs, Secretary General Edwin Sifuna said the party’s Central Committee directed him to ask lawmakers to be present in the House during the tabling and voting on the Finance Bill.

“You are further requested to suspend any other engagements that would otherwise see you out of Nairobi during this critical period,” the letter states.

Sifuna added that any MP who needs to be out of the country during this period must inform the party in advance.

Showdown Ahead: Kenyans Plan to Occupy Parliament Over Finance Bill