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HomePOLITICSSakaja Slams Gachagua in Fiery Attack: "Nitoboe Nisitoboe?"

Sakaja Slams Gachagua in Fiery Attack: “Nitoboe Nisitoboe?”

Sakaja Slams Gachagua in Fiery Attack: “Nitoboe Nisitoboe?”

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has launched a fierce critique against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, accusing him of engaging in bullying and showing disrespect.

During a UDA Delegates Conference at the Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, Sakaja criticized the Deputy President for allegedly undermining other elected officials while complaining when he faces similar treatment.

The Governor advised the Deputy President to develop resilience and stop involving other leaders in his political conflicts.

He said: “Huwezi kuwa you are bullying people for two years, then unatajwa wiki moja unaanza kulia. Do you know bullies are the biggest cowards?”

“Mpaka unaenda sijui kwa msitu, sijui wapi…if you want respect, respect other leaders. If you don’t respect those leaders, then respect the people who put them there.”

Sakaja challenged the Deputy President to contest for the Nairobi County governorship in the 2027 elections if he did not acknowledge his authority as an elected leader.

“I’ve been through a lot and I’m not easily intimidated, nobody has the right to say I was given the seat. I was elected,” charged Sakaja.

“In 2027, you are free to run for any elective post, run and be Nairobi Governor.”

Sakaja’s comments come in the context of an apparent conflict between the Deputy President and the President over claims that some of the President’s supporters from the Rift Valley region were questioning Gachagua’s abilities.


A visibly upset Gachagua, during a Saturday meeting in Kesses, Uasin Gishu County, openly criticized these alleged allies of Ruto. He disclosed that they were already conducting meetings in the Mt. Kenya region to strategize the 2032 succession in a way that would undermine him.

“The problem is a few leaders here from this region who have proximity to the President ndio wanakoroga siasa ya huko kwetu kudanganya watu eti waaanze kupanga mambo ya 2032,” he said.

“The few people here wamefura wamekuwa na kiburi nyingi, wanafikiria ati sasa wamefika wanaweza kuja huko eti wapange viongozi wa mlima, ata sisi hatutakuja kuwapangia siasa yenu, lazima tuheshimiane.”

In April this year, Sakaja addressed rumors of a conflict with Gachagua, stating that he respects the Deputy President as his senior and regards him as a capable leader who deserves respect.

Speculation about the tension between them arose from Sakaja’s attempt to secure the Chairmanship of the UDA party in Nairobi in the upcoming elections.

“I have no differences with the Deputy President. He is a senior man who is respected, he has been in politics, and even though he got into politics after us, he came in and became popular. He is a good leader who should be respected,” he said.

“I’ve never spoken ill of him. I have never mentioned him. I respect him as our leader, vice president, and deputy party leader.”

Sakaja Slams Gachagua in Fiery Attack: “Nitoboe Nisitoboe?”