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HomeNewsPolice Siege at Matiang'i's Residence

Police Siege at Matiang’i’s Residence

Police Siege at Matiang’i’s Residence

An unknown number of elite police officers were spotted at the home of former Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i in Karen, Nairobi on Thursday night.
The purpose of the security operation at the former minister of security’s residence could not be immediately determined.

Citizen Digital has learned that the former cabinet secretary was present at the residence during the incident with his lawyers, led by Danstan Omari, who claimed that the officers intended to arrest Matiang’i.

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Dunstan Omari, speaking to the media outside the residence of the former CS, stated that Maiang’i’s life was in danger and that they did not know the reason for the planned raid.

“I can confirm that Matiang’i’s life is in danger. We are unaware of the motivation behind wanting to invade Matiang’i’s residence at this hour of the night. We have no idea what crime he has committed… Our client is prepared to be summoned and record a statement if he is charged with a crime. My client is hiding out in his own country as if he were a fugitive “said Omari.

He added that an army of attorneys would guard Matiang’i throughout the night to ensure that the security officers adhere to the law.

“My client is hiding out in his own country as if he were a fugitive. More than 200 attorneys have formed a cordon around his home to ensure that our client can see the light. We will remain here until the morning so that we can comply with the law if he is arrested “said Omari.

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who arrived at the home of the former CS at around 10 pm strongly condemned the security operation terming it “completely unacceptable.”

“There is no reason for police to visit someone’s residence at this hour of the night. If Matiang’i has committed a crime that warrants his arrest, he should be informed and he can present himself for questioning “said Odinga.

He added: “This concept of arresting senior citizens at this hour of the night is completely abhorrent to civilized society. This is unacceptable in every way.”

The team of security officers reportedly spotted at Matiang’i’s residence left shortly after the media broke the news of the operation.