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HomeNewsKenya's Peacekeeping Boost: U.S Donates 16 Helicopters, Including 8 Huey Choppers

Kenya’s Peacekeeping Boost: U.S Donates 16 Helicopters, Including 8 Huey Choppers

Kenya’s Peacekeeping Boost: U.S Donates 16 Helicopters, Including 8 Huey Choppers

Kenya is poised to receive 16 helicopters manufactured in the United States, aimed at bolstering the nation’s security endeavors and peacekeeping missions. 

This allocation is part of the offerings extended to Kenya following President William Ruto’s visit to Washington by President Joe Biden’s administration.

The White House disclosed on Thursday that among the 16 helicopters are eight Hueys, intended to enhance regional peace and security, along with eight MD-500s geared towards bolstering Kenya’s involvement in peacekeeping operations

These aircraft are scheduled to arrive in Nairobi between late 2024 and 2025.

In addition to the helicopters, Kenya will also be acquiring approximately 150 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles from the U.S. Excess Defense Article stocks, anticipated to reach Kenya by September 2024. 

To strengthen counterterrorism cooperation, both nations have committed to deepening their efforts in information sharing. 

Kenya is also in the process of joining Operation Gallant Phoenix, a program fostering multinational collaboration in sharing terrorist-related information.

Furthermore, in a bid to fortify the longstanding military training and capacity-building relationship, the Kenya Defence Forces will, for the first time, have candidates undergoing courses at prestigious U.S. military academies in the summer of 2024. 

This initiative aims to build upon the tradition of Kenyan general officers benefiting from U.S. International Military Education Training courses.

The U.S. military is actively engaged in supporting Kenyan aviators, with seven advisors currently stationed in Kenya.


 Additionally, the United States will provide a Strategic Logistics Advisor to Kenya’s Ministry of Defence for the first time.

Emphasizing their commitment to police capacity building and reform efforts, the United States and Kenya have announced a new $7 million partnership to enhance the modernization and professionalization of Kenya’s National Police Service.

 Moreover, they are dedicated to improving oversight and conditions within Kenya’s prison service, with a new $2.2 million initiative focusing on training, mentoring, and technical assistance to implement priority reforms.

Recognizing Kenya’s pivotal role in combating transnational organized crime, the United States plans to allocate $4.9 million in new funding for Kenya and other East African countries to enhance cooperation in combating criminal networks. 

This funding will also support capacity-building and reform efforts within the Kenyan police and justice sectors.

Additionally, the United States aims to bolster Kenya’s leadership in enhancing Africa’s digital resilience by supporting collaborations between international investigative organizations and Kenyan NGOs, media outlets, and citizen journalists.

 This initiative seeks to position Nairobi as a regional hub for addressing issues of public interest and facilitating knowledge exchange within East Africa and the broader continent.

Kenya’s Peacekeeping Boost: U.S Donates 16 Helicopters, Including 8 Huey Choppers