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Kenyan Citizens Plan Mass Boycott of President Ruto’s X Space, Opt for Parallel Session

Kenyan Citizens Plan Mass Boycott of President Ruto’s X Space, Opt for Parallel Session

A section of Kenyans on X has decided to boycott President William Ruto’s X Space, choosing instead to host their own parallel Space as a countermeasure.

Following the announcement that Ruto would engage Kenyans on an X space on July 5, from 2 pm to 5 pm, many dissenters criticized the initiative, arguing that it wasn’t the President’s role to schedule such conversations, but rather theirs as his Constitutional employers.

Critics highlighted that over the past three weeks, they had made their demands clear through various means such as placards, printed t-shirts, tweets, street demonstrations, and essays.

They questioned why the President and his team felt the need to host an X-Space despite the clear pronouncements over the past month.

“What more does he want to hear? We’ve been repeating the same things for the last month, both offline and online. Boycott that useless Space!” James Kamau, an X user, said.

As boycott calls spread across X, some influential figures on the platform decided to take action by hosting their own parallel Space to rival the President’s, scheduled for the same time.

X heavyweights Kimuzi, Osama Otero, Gabriel Oguda, and Hanifa Adan supported the idea, with Kimuzi and Osama chosen to host the rival Space.

Some even suggested that the parallel Space be hosted in honor of slain businessman Jacob Juma, whose old tweets continue to influence the current political climate.

Promoting a poster titled “Let’s Rage On!”, Kenyans on X encouraged widespread sharing of the information, explicitly stating their intention to boycott the Ruto Space.

“The only independent entity left in this country is social media. If you let Ruto infiltrate it, it’s over. For those willing to join, it’s a free world. But remember, over 100 families are grieving their children, taken early by this regime,” Kimuzi tweeted.


Social commentator Gabriel Oguda also chimed in, “Gen Zs have announced they will host their parallel X Space session at the same time Ruto speaks tomorrow. This is the resistance I signed up for.”

User Regina Nzomo added, “Every Kenyan who respects themselves and loves this country should boycott the Ruto space. He already spoke to Linus Kaikai, Joe Ageyo, and Eric Latiff. What more does he want to hear?”

Ruto’s Space has taken an interesting turn, as it appears all government entities, including parastatals, have been asked or instructed to join the Space organized by their boss.

All Cabinet Secretaries will log in as the President aims to address Gen Z directly.

Governmental bodies that have previously shown indifference to government policy are now discussing Space.

The President’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, also joined the conversation, urging Kenyans to participate in the President’s invite.

“Young people, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you. Engage constructively because you will determine the continuity of such discussions for your success,” she wrote.

“The first-ever president in the world to hold an online meeting with all Gen Z. Leggoo!”

However, Miss Ruto’s comments did not sit well with many Kenyans. One asked, “Opportunity of a lifetime? Is this what you call a chance of a lifetime? Wow! One more reason for me to NOT attend that scripted Space!”

Kenyan Citizens Plan Mass Boycott of President Ruto’s X Space, Opt for Parallel Session